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My fills, in order from the oldest to newest, classed by askers:

Lin's asks:
usedempyrealthunder asked: Gold/Ruby

…That is very generic and not crack enough.

Ruby leaps at Gold’s messy hair, brushing it so hard that Gold cries out in pain; his tears are dried by soft tissues as soon as they come out, only for the skin to be covered in skin care cream and the eyelashes accentuated by forcefully applied mascara.

Wait that was Ruby/Gold. Let me try Gold/Ruby

“I’m going to make you a man,” says Gold, as he tears the skin-tight outfit Ruby has been wearing and change them for much manlier yukata, his hands brushing over every skin.

usedempyrealthunder asked: And now for something more serious (or not). Ivan/Garet

Does it hurt? Ivan asks, at which Garet answers a muffled N-no, and blushes harder when he sees flows of psynergy flowing from himself into Ivan’s mind; Liar, Ivan accuses.

usedempyrealthunder asked: Horrorterrors/Rose

The whispers stop and Rose feels her entire being sublimates into black flames, the horrorterrors’ bubbles catching them and become lanterns in the void.

usedempyrealthunder asked: Terezi/Nepeta

Terezi marks and Nepeta catches; a good team is that of mind and body, of nose capable of smelling out ghosts and eyes that see perfectly in the dark.

usedempyrealthunder asked: Wands/Eridan

Eridan hates magic and all the make-believes, platonically, yet the white wand of science is so beauteous that he is willing to pail all the wands of the paradox universe only to have his hands on the Empiricist’s Wand for a fleeting nanosecond.

Oops it became a Eridan/Wands. Now let me try that again:

Wands fall from the closet onto Eridan’s face, poking his dry seatroll skin and getting caught in his hair.

usedempyrealthunder asked: Antimony/Kat

Antimony is not used to having a friend, but Kat is more than that; when she is with her, she feels whole and loved, finally having a family that she can be with, not unreachable parents or passing psychopomps.

usedempyrealthunder asked: Red/Green from your AU

The triptych/god-slave one? But they are chaste. It’s with Blue where Green… Anyway.

Red wraps himself around Green, unwilling to let him go.

usedempyrealthunder asked: Annie/Renard

She is not like her mother, except maybe the rebellious wildness about her and the flaring flames, but he loves her as his own daughter.

or from the other side

He is just her plush toy and a noisy adult, but she doesn’t want to be parted from him either.

Azalee's asks:
azalee-calypso asked: Golden Sun: The Kraken/Sean & Ouranos.

The magenta squid tangles its tentacular arms around the body of Sean and Ouranos, holding them tight, before exploring their face, one true tentacle for each, and both men swear to never tell anyone that they secretly enjoyed this encounter; then the Kraken, having discovered that the colourful fibrous things on their heads weren’t feelers at all, throws them across the floating wood.

azalee-calypso asked: Also, if you're savvy with the Pokémon Gen 5 games: Ghetsis's Hydreigon/Ghetsis.

Hydreigon presses Ghetsis down against the cold castle floor, all of its mouths kissing and licking; their bodies warm the stone tiles so much that, if stones could talk, they would have sworn that they have met and felt the sun.

azalee-calypso asked: Babi/Iodem or Iodem->Babi.

Why not both? I can’t fill them in one sentence though. (I’m still amazed at how you made my All Mercury Adepts prompt work. In one sentence. Dammit you are good.)


Babi loves how Iodem calls him my lord, how he stays dignified yet subservient, how he pleases and exhausts him and makes him feel in Lemuria already.


Iodem loves his lord like a man loves a god; unquestioning, unwavering, fulfils his every wishes and grows a beard just like his, only smaller.

azalee-calypso asked: Saturos/Felix

Saturos puts a mask on Felix’s face; green and blue, with extra large holes for eyes, “This way you can travel with us, even if you’re too shy to deal with your ex-friends.”

azalee-calypso asked: Yamata no Orochi (aka that great snake thing bitch)/Kushinada

The serpent of Koshi, dreaming under the mountain soil,

Beheld the beauty of Kushi-inada-hime, the youngest

Daughter in a row of eight, mud from rice field on her feet,

And, its moss and cypress shaking, the serpent fell in love;

It lifted its heavy eight-branched body from the mountains,

Belly bleeding from the invasion of tree roots, red as love;

Advanced towards her, carrying with it the tristful load

Of mountains’ green wails and nights’ black silences;

The Orochi asked for the Kunitsukami’s daughter,

Yet seven times, while beautiful, they disappointed,

For they were not the daughter with the scent of rice

And, the Orochi, outraged, devoured them without woe;

Until the day the August Storm arrived, ten-grasp sword

In hand, and on his head, a delicate comb, close-toothed,

Mysteriously gave off the scent of rice field and girl’s laughter;

And all was red and black, nothing more left of the Orochi, but

The red that washed Hi and uprooted evergreens.

Sorry I got the meters wrong.

azalee-calypso asked: whoever-the-hell-is-Karis's-mom -> Ivan/inventing cool shit.

I haven’t played Dark Dawn yet…

She brushes away her green hairs, her eyes peeled on the young man’s works, her mouth agape and uncovered, unladylike; her heart fixed on the phenomenon unfolding before her and vows to marry this man and bear his child, so the fanciful invention will not end with him.

azalee-calypso asked: ... i was going to sleep but YAY. Achilles/Patroclus for you.

When Patroclus was alive, they were the only human beings in the world; the rest a noisy, fragile, make-believe of a universe like houses and men and animals of cheap woodcraft… then he died, and the rest of the universe roared and became real, and all Achilles wanted was to kill it or die by it, for the universe was Patroculus’ killer and nothing, no men, no gods, would ever be able to stop Achilles from going back to the battlefield and kill the illusion that dared killing his most beloved, that Hector was going to have the worst… and only once in Hades, in dusts and in mists, ruling over the multitude of souls he had killed in the name of his one beloved, was Achilles forced to rest in peace.

Note: “Beloved” isn’t a term of pederasty here, just the face value of someone who is loved.

azalee-calypso asked: Your pick out of Hector, Paris, Helen, and Andromache.

Paris may be Helen’s prince, but Andromache is a much more pleasant company for her, and Hector seems to love his fatherland more than his wife.

azalee-calypso asked: And the Alex pairing of this batch shall be Mia/Alex in that order.

I’m skipping one because Alex.

Mia swears to herself, silently and away from the Jupiter Adept of the team, that once she catches Alex she will fuck him up (or just plain fuck him) with her Righteous Mace and then give him a big hug because she’s missed him that much.

azalee-calypso asked: The GS summons Ulysses/Nereid because Nereid was renamed Calypso in the French version.

She is a force to be reckoned with; but if the summoner allows it, Ulysses would warp her in his fire and fight in her stead.

azalee-calypso asked: And Lunpa/Hydros and now I'm going to bed.

Lunpa spent his life as a thief; but when he met Hydros, he was the one stolen, and all that remained of him was the thought to stay in Lemuria with the one man who stole his heart.

Kuruk's asks:
citricacidcyclekid asked: Kris/Gold/Silver

Which verse? You say “Kris”, so I’m going to assume the GSC. But Kris and Gold don’t travel together there, so I’m going to assume that by Gold you mean Cal from the Trainer’s House. And I am going to assume that his quotes means that he was sealed/stored somewhere.

They all meet in the Trainer’s House; Silver now a kinder person, Kris a stronger person and Gold, images glitching around the eyes and limbs, doesn’t want to climb back into the dark abyss of data; today can last forever, if and only if Kris doesn’t walk out and the universe doesn’t switch off.

citricacidcyclekid asked: Hot skitty on wailord action.

The pink cat bounced a few times on the blue whale and decided to fall in love.

citricacidcyclekid asked: MySpace/Facebook/Google+, hatesex.

The user is a true Internet socialite: MySpace, Facebook and Google+ in the same browser, more than one tab for each, switching and shifting them aggressively as each of them compete to be on top.

tumblrbot's ask:
tumblrbot asked: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?

I’m going to assume that this is for the meme.

Scales and feathers brush against metal and plastic, rough yet soft, a tiny storm of loving caresses and savage instincts, beeps and roars.


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