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until the day I wear fish for hat and bird for coat

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Jules L. is a mind-eating peach-faced lovebird living in Quebec. Beside rice, millet and pellet food, he also feeds on the intellect of people around him, becoming smarter in the process while making the preys dumber. As a direct consequence, he sometimes outsmarts his human birdservants. He rules his house with an iron beak, giving painful corporal punishment for the smallest crime against him and his happiness. A possible cause to his personality was when he was one year old, he had a great adventure in the snowy outdoors; flying freely in the cold air, escaped the predation of great ravens, perched on the top of willow and maples and sung to passerby birds. Then the snow stopped and was going to rain. Afraid that his pretty feathers would be frozen from the pluie verglaçante and himself turned into a bird ice pop, he let one of his human birdservants take him home. He hasn't stepped outside ever since and devoted himself to electronics. Because he doesn't have other birds to interact to and doesn't go out often, he vents his frustrations on his birdservants.

As of now, he has hijacked the mind of one of his birdservants and, using the human body as living mobile suit, surfing on the Internet for recreative purposes.

Interests (95):

5 centimeters per second, art games, axis powers hetalia, baccano!, birds, black adventures, bohemian circuit, brave story, cats, cencoroll, cover songs, cube, cute fluffy birds, cuttlefish, dao mu bi ji, data transfer and transformation, demian: the story of emil sinclair, digimon, discworld, drawing, dresden codak, durarara!!, emily carroll, erfworld, extremely well written fanfics, fairy tales, fish, fringe, ghost in the shell, good arts, good omens, good stories, gunnerkrigg court, hanna is not a boy's name, happle tea, hark! a vagrant, hero (webcomic), honeydew syndrome, huis clos, hwei, inception, invisible cities, johnny wander, jonathan strange and mr norrell, kaiko (genderbent vocaloid), kaito (vocaloid), loved, mabinogi, mononoke, mythologies, neil gaiman, niconico douga, niconico singers, niconico utattemita, nothing (film), nuu, ombre du vent, order of the stick, pale cocoon, parfum: l'histoire d'un meurtrier, pokemon, positive evolution of people, reading, ryan, sakevisual, scp foundation, silver (pokemon hgss), small to medium sized parrots, snakes, soap sculpting, sodagreen, speedball speedy-cut rubber blocks, stargate, strange tales from a chinese studio (聊斋志异), summer wars, surrealism, suzumiya haruhi series, the funeral procession of k, the girl who leapt through time, the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, the legend of 1900, the lost room, the non-adventure of wonderella, the sandman, the source code, the tatami galaxy, the thief lord, time of eve, tv tropes, vienna teng, world building, xkcd, 四畳半神話大系, 毒 三年 孟婆汤 解药 by 夜藤, 盗墓笔记
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