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This blog is the dumping ground of pseudogeek.

If you want to read my fics that are hosted here, just use the fic tag.

If you are here for the Mesopotamian fanfic novella, here is the list (not yet ready):
  1. Night
  2. Verso: Dumuzid's Return
  3. Recto: Sabri (1 or 3 chapters still pending 2 chapters) NEW VERSION (part student)
  4. Verso: Enkimdu's Exaltation (that's the thundercloud chase one)
  5. Recto: Dumuzid's Idling
  6. Verso: Poet-King
  7. Recto: Baal Circuit
  8. Verso: Marduk's End
  9. Recto: Sheol's Pasture
  10. Verso: Sun's Decision
  11. Recto: Dumuzid's Pasture
  12. Verso: Geshtiana's Dream (rework to fit order)
  13. Verso: Shara and Ninurta
  14. Recto: Seekers
  15. Verso: Shara and Lulal (wip)
  16. Recto: Gilgamesh (to rework to include the commissioner/poet-king)
  17. Verso: Gilgamesh and Inanna's Tree
  18. Recto: Gilgamesh's Date
  19. Verso: The Commission of the Epic
  20. Recto: Gilgamesh listening to Dumuzid (wip)
  21. Verso: Inanna's Nature
  22. Recto: Gilgamesh almost confronting Dumuzid (wip)
  23. Verso: Exaltation of Inanna
  24. Recto: Enkimdu listening to Dumuzid (wip)
  25. Verso: Inanna's Wedding
  26. Recto: Dumuzid's Exaltation
  27. Verso: Enki's World Order (merge with Ea's last will)
  28. Recto: Hallow Enkimdu
  29. Songs: Meadow
  30. Verso: Ea's Last Will
  31. Recto: Enkimdu's Revival (extend?)
  32. Verso: Brothers (wip) (if extend 27, remove this one)
  33. Recto: Qayin and Hevel 2 (wip)
  34. Verso:
  35. Recto: Qayin and Hevel 3 (wip)
  36. Verso: Shara and War
  37. Recto: Baal Circuit
  38. Verso: Shara and Inanna
  39. Recto: Seekers of Azure
  40. Verso: Hevel and angels (no longer canon, replaced by Water reading)
  41. Recto: Death of Dumuzid
  42. Songs: Fallow
  43. Verso: Abzu
  44. Recto: House of Mirage
  45. Verso: Esagila
  46. Script: He Married the Sea, 1
  47. Recto: Ruins of Spears (remember to find and paste the first parts)
  48. Verso: The Plague Sun
  49. Recto: Piercing of the Mirage
  50. Verso: The Just Sun
  51. Recto: Qayin and Hevel Finale (wip)
  52. Songs: Tomorrow
  53. Recto: Diadem of Skies
  54. Verso: Nammu
  55. Recto: Jar of Bones
  56. Verso: Adapa's Death
  57. Recto: Opening the Gate (wip)
  58. Verso: The Assurance of Baal
  59. Recto: Crushing the Palace
  60. Verso: Dumuzid's Dream
  61. Recto: Geshtiana's Exaltation
  62. Verso: The Binding of the Storms
  63. Recto: The Liberation of Storm
  64. Dawn
I tried my best to make it less than 60 chapters but... looks like I won't be able to reduce it to the ideal number of 52

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Warning: cutting humans and bunch other problems
Characters: pretty much the entire cast eventually, including Zwei.

Chapter 1: King )


Apr. 22nd, 2013 12:21 pm
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Sakura Matcha Kit Kat chocolate is so delicious.
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I'm having this intense craving for ancient-tasting stories and it doesn't seem to stop, even though it should stop soon. I thought I ate enough stories last night, but it wasn't enough. Not "pure" enough, whatever this feel is. A better wording might be not "chaotic" enough, but that's not the exact word either.

Basically, the old thing about how it's often order vs. chaos and/or passive vs. active in ancients stories rather than good vs. bad. How the Ashura and the Devas are considered good or bad depending who you ask. How the Aesir and Vanir fought and united and how the Aesir-Vanir alliance fought with the Jotun. The Titans vs. the monsters. The primordial ice vs. the primordial fire. The chaos, then sky and earth. The primordial giant, killed or died of whatever and body was used to create the mortal world. The eating of humans by gods and demons, both the kind where the human keep existing after the eating and the ones where they don't. Stones slates or air or bones or whatever on which the fate of the universe is inscribed, like the Akashic records or that tablet Tiamat gave to her most loved son or... How there is a different between fate and destiny, how fate may be changed and how the inevitable cannot. How humans creates demons and gods to eat themselves and in turn eat the demons and gods to gain power from them. How we create god and defeat them, and they bless us.

These kind of things. And I suppose, how one thing becomes another, and another becomes another. Variation. Fluidity. Emotions and ambiance and sounds of prophecy and truths between the noises of metal feathers sharp enough to cut existence itself into shape.

I can almost see a song about it.

The modern stories are too often about gain and loss. I want to read something else. Stories about foundations, about existence, about how you must break the order if you cannot stand it, and just as likely stop the chaos if you cannot stand that. How we are all gods with too many flaws and run towards our doom, laughing.

I need these kind of stories, or I'm afraid I'm going to starve.
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The last episode only has 4 days left! Go listen to it before it expires!

All episodes are available to catch up on demand until 29 March 2013 (UK time).

Sans titre

Mar. 8th, 2013 08:16 pm
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Fanfiction of En attendant Godot.

Read more... )
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Go check that page out.

tw: gender issues, tw: picturing the two genders as mostly identical only with a fringe of difference

(I love Virus Comix's Subnormality!)
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...I wonder if there is a way to eat them. Maybe I'll just panini them and eat them like that.

UPDATE: Do not panini fried seitan. It is awful. The oil comes out and gets a hint of unpleasant bitterness to it. It's better to eat them just like that cold than to panini them.
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...Not sure if ship <> or <3. Technically it should be bromance seeing that's the entire premise and theme, but I kind of see <> in them and recently they look like <3 I don't even know. They remind me of my ocs Felix and Joel. I miss them. How many abandoned projects do I even have?

Theodore can be such a vicious guy. Wow. Vincent is... I don't know, I can only say poor guy. Their relationship remind me of friendships I've had during highschool, except that no one was a cute innocent jock in our case, and hopefully no one as vicious as Theo can be.

But Theo is a Beware the Nice One type, thankfully.
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We get to see Vriska again! I'm so happy ::::D She's even got a pirate ship and all XXXXD
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Just downloaded the demo. I wanted to look at some spoilers first to take off the edges of getting feels over birds, but I just happened to read a segment that was like a stab to the heart.

It's actually Hurtful Holiday Star, right?

I never knew a bird yaoi visual novel could pack such heaviness to it. BIRD YAOI VISUAL NOVEL. With side interspecies het romance between a human girl and male birds, but it's pale rom and the heavier romance is still yaoi between birds. And there's this art shift painful whatisiteven parts with watercolor like a children's book illustrations and then turns into something that's almost like Puella Magi Madoka Magika witch fields. Who even wrote its plot. Hat off to you. Or crest feathers to you, whatever.

Japan, what the heck?

Edit: Also Famous Writer's logo is an albino axolotl? Hmm.

Edit 2: Got chased off computer before I could go far. I was tempted to name my main character Karkat Vantas, but decided to use a random name instead. I'll finish the game while sniffing my bird's feathers tomorrow, it'll be a fuller experience?

Edit 3: Playing it now... why is the only male pigeon in Pretty Coore team the one wearing pink hearts?! Coore Grey is a dude pigeon?! The Coore Light and Dark Grey are female or are they mutations?! Are we have story-in-story crossdressing magical pigeon?!

Edit 4: Now even the math teacher is a magical crossdresser?!

Edit 5: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat theeeeeeeeeeeeeee feaaaaaatheeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrs

Edit 6: That was glorious. I should buy the full copy.
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Karkat(bromance)Dave is something I have not expected in canon. Wow.

BRB shipping them pale.
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Just downloaded, installed and testing it out. It's free, so I thought why not. Plus Copic markers seem to have great colours.

However, for unknown reason, my lines look even less smooth on Sketchbook. In real life my lines can be smooth enough, and on Elements, MyPaint and Manga Studio they look slightly less smooth, but still very acceptable. But on Sketchbook they look barely acceptable. I wonder what's wrong. It's not even lagging, at least not the way lag appears on MyPaint and Elements.

The brushes can rotate, but I can't find a button or something to make it rotate on command. I have to go through the brush settings like in Photoshop. I understand if it cannot detect stylus rotation or something, but sure it should have a set of button where I can press and it just rotates as you use? If it doesn't, I can't possibly call this an authentic marker using experience, because when you have a flat ended broad tip marker, rotating the marker is vital.

I cannot find the blender marker for some reason. If this is marker, there should be a blender marker, especially when the colours don't seem to blend the way real markers blend. There is also no way to make the ink dry or stay wet, like Corel Painter Essentials 's "dry watercolors" function, that affects how the ink mix.

On the bright side, its zoom function is very fun to use. And the program is free. But so far I don't see any advantage over other free programs, not even for marker testing. At least MyPaint has infinite canvas.

Verdict: Frustrating.

Edit: Yes, some can draw just fine with it. But personally, drawing on a NDS in Colors is easier.
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Still watching, not done yet.

Genius Party and Genius Party Beyond are two anthologies of animation by Studio 4°C. The styles of art is very far from the mainstream Japanese animation and may look like Belgium animation or other. And it does look like Belgium/French/Canadian art animation in term of psychedelism, too. Very, very surreal and saturated with dream logic. Very fluid, high quality animation too. And nigh incomprehensible.

The opening animation is Genius Party, which tells the story of an artificially bird-like creature running through a field filled with spherical stone creatures with face and a cross on top of the head where a heart may come out. A stone sphere is in love with a electric blue glowing neuron and showing a heart, which the bird plucks out and eat, gaining wings to fly before eating the now floating glowing neuron too, turning the bird into a shooting star. The stone creatures all show heart at the shooting star, except the stone who got its heart plucked, who tried to show another pink heart by can only give out stone hearts that turn into more stone creatures. One stone creature grows a heart so big it starts to cry stone tears from its eye holes and the heart flies away, which it chases and swallows back in, and gel-like blue plasma comes out from its eye holes and grows into a huge bird-like being, and all other stone creatures show hearts as if in applaud, and the bird-like being electrifies all the hearts and the camera zooms out to show a brain. And the brain turns out to be a film projector.

The last animation from Beyond is Dimension Bomb, but I failed to find the bomb anywhere. There was a concept art where the boy was holding something in a cylinder that was probably the bomb in question, but it did not show up in the animation. I have know idea what the plot is or what happened. Some say that it's about a boy who got rejected by the girl he loves and the entire movie is an allegory of his feelings and memories, which kind of makes sense, but I don't know, it also looks more complicated than that. If anything, the movie did bomb the audience's mind into oblivion.
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I need to find some flower and try that. ...but would that be bit like molesting the flower?
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Very random but I want to leave the link here because N has excellent child-bearing hips here and I don't want to lose this on tumblr.
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Happy lunar new year everyone.

P.S.: If you don't usually eat something, today might not be the day to eat it. I just learned it the hard way. Don't ruin your new year and spend it in the washroom.
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Now that we are seeing her... I should be happy, but she sounds so different, I don't know what to feel. It's probably because she's matured emotionally since we last saw her, but still. She's so patient now. When did this happen? I feel like I've missed a big chunk of her story there.
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I don't know if it's because people are releasing pokemon to clear out the room needed for the Halloween event or what, but so many retros, easter mareep, xmas cherubi and mudkips! I'm only missing the cyanide mareep now.


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