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W-what is this Hetalia AU? It looks amazing.

Derived from 【APヘタリアMMD】ANTI THE∞HOLiC【人力+MMD合作】: nico youtube

England kissing the skeleton was... woah. Necrophilia has never looked so good.
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Gold <3 Red <3 Yellow <3 Diamond <3

Yellow's voice feels so androgynous here. Perfect.

When will we see the old DexHolders in PokeSpe again? I've missed them.
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Kuruk, if you haven't seen this video already, you should:
Unhappy Refrain (lyrics modified version) (Red version) [Pokemon]:

Edit: While we're at it, try Bad Bye (Red ver.) too:
^This version is really good

I'm going to ship Hibiki/Red again. Don't stop me. Hibiki seems to be better for Red's mental and emotional health than Green.

Edit 3: Shit, there are Hibiki/Red version of Romeo and Cinderella. Stop pressing my fetish for pseudo-incest, Nico Nico!

Adding another video to the list for myself:

Edit 5: And this is for larky, in case you haven't seen it:
It's the Bonjour song (Green's fanon theme song).
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I've always believed that the "kagerou" in this stands for 影籠 or something similar, but turned out that it's 陽炎, so I checked it out. Well, it's no less grim. Still beautiful. I love songs with stories in them. The tone-lyrics dissonance is brilliantly grim.

Warning: gore (and I mean gore, especially if you understand what they are singing)

keyword: カゲロウデイズ

My favourite version so far is

I'm going to need a shower. The smell invoked by the song is awful.
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...WTF Japan?

All the Frenches and Japaneses and Canadians and other artsy people will be very proud of this video's maker. Look at it. So surreal, so absurd, so touching.

/burst out laughing and crying at the same time
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I remember that a blogger (can't remember which) said that Miichan's voice is too erotic, but thankfully Shamuon's innocent voice kind of neutralise it and makes the whole thing good.

My opinion? No, it makes it even worseeeeeeeeeeeeeee. In a good way. Their voice and personality provide good contrast to each other. Unlike a certain pair of childhood friends (clear and nero), whose voice and style are practically the same in their CD First Contact(but can you blame them?), Miichan pretty much always uses his signature deep, solid-smoke like voice while Shamuon complements it with his transparent, clear boy voice, painting a high contrasted black-and-white-with-occasional-coloured-sparkles songs.

Ok, the album. I have always pictured Miichan as black and Shamoun as white, yet on the cover Shamuon is black and Miichan is white. Yin Yang stuff? In previous Michaon songs it was always Miichan's job to spread pheromone and Shamuon's to wash it clean, but here, especially in ペテン師が笑う頃に I find, Shamuon is also leaking pheromone! I hope it's just for this album, with the tricksters and all, as I like his signature clear innocent-sounding voice. And in Stoic Party (song), it's pretty much Shamuon who spreads pheromone while Miichan complements him. Hm.

Edit: Found a not-exactly-weakness in Stoic Party after re-listening to First Contact: Michaon's songs do not sound like full canvas. If you listen to First Contact, Cleanero seem to have filled the entire canvas, an illusion of saturation. Michaon, however, only paint in the centre area of the canvas. That's not exactly bad of course, as we can only focus on so much at time. The full canvas approach works very well with Cleanero because their style is that of a lullaby-like ocean waves. Michaon's is more like ink strokes on canvas. That works too.

Right now I need to sleep as it's 1 AM.
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I know that it's being out for some time already... but I just listened to cleanero's Butterfly from their First Contact album today and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

C'est trop! TROP! Êtes-vous sûr que c'est bien de chanter une chanson de même ensemble? Vous voulez nous tuer ou quoi?! Plus you two have the 幼馴染 attribute... omg... if it wasn't because nero was still virgin (or so we heard) as of the time they sung this we would not believe that that they are not gay for each other. And that wotamin exists helped distracting shippers too (even if clear does not feel for wotamin and has girlfriend in another girl).
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Dude. In the translation of (指切り) Yukibiri [Nico Nico Douga] I read last year, it said that the title meant "finger cutting". But today I saw one where it's "pinky swear". Then I googled and Wikipedia said it's literally finger cutting, but it's meant as a promise: you cross your pinky with another party's and it's implied that if you don't keep your promise you have to cut it off. So... which one is the song about?

Edit: Ok, now I understand! It is pinky swear! She says that to prove her love she's ready to go beyond the usual hair giving or nail giving and do the pinky swear. =_=


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