Aug. 6th, 2015

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This blog is the dumping ground of pseudogeek.

If you want to read my fics that are hosted here, just use the fic tag.

If you are here for the Mesopotamian fanfic novella, here is the list (not yet ready):
  1. Night
  2. Verso: Dumuzid's Return
  3. Recto: Sabri (1 or 3 chapters still pending 2 chapters) NEW VERSION (part student)
  4. Verso: Enkimdu's Exaltation (that's the thundercloud chase one)
  5. Recto: Dumuzid's Idling
  6. Verso: Poet-King
  7. Recto: Baal Circuit
  8. Verso: Marduk's End
  9. Recto: Sheol's Pasture
  10. Verso: Sun's Decision
  11. Recto: Dumuzid's Pasture
  12. Verso: Geshtiana's Dream (rework to fit order)
  13. Verso: Shara and Ninurta
  14. Recto: Seekers
  15. Verso: Shara and Lulal (wip)
  16. Recto: Gilgamesh (to rework to include the commissioner/poet-king)
  17. Verso: Gilgamesh and Inanna's Tree
  18. Recto: Gilgamesh's Date
  19. Verso: The Commission of the Epic
  20. Recto: Gilgamesh listening to Dumuzid (wip)
  21. Verso: Inanna's Nature
  22. Recto: Gilgamesh almost confronting Dumuzid (wip)
  23. Verso: Exaltation of Inanna
  24. Recto: Enkimdu listening to Dumuzid (wip)
  25. Verso: Inanna's Wedding
  26. Recto: Dumuzid's Exaltation
  27. Verso: Enki's World Order (merge with Ea's last will)
  28. Recto: Hallow Enkimdu
  29. Songs: Meadow
  30. Verso: Ea's Last Will
  31. Recto: Enkimdu's Revival (extend?)
  32. Verso: Brothers (wip) (if extend 27, remove this one)
  33. Recto: Qayin and Hevel 2 (wip)
  34. Verso:
  35. Recto: Qayin and Hevel 3 (wip)
  36. Verso: Shara and War
  37. Recto: Baal Circuit
  38. Verso: Shara and Inanna
  39. Recto: Seekers of Azure
  40. Verso: Hevel and angels (no longer canon, replaced by Water reading)
  41. Recto: Death of Dumuzid
  42. Songs: Fallow
  43. Verso: Abzu
  44. Recto: House of Mirage
  45. Verso: Esagila
  46. Script: He Married the Sea, 1
  47. Recto: Ruins of Spears (remember to find and paste the first parts)
  48. Verso: The Plague Sun
  49. Recto: Piercing of the Mirage
  50. Verso: The Just Sun
  51. Recto: Qayin and Hevel Finale (wip)
  52. Songs: Tomorrow
  53. Recto: Diadem of Skies
  54. Verso: Nammu
  55. Recto: Jar of Bones
  56. Verso: Adapa's Death
  57. Recto: Opening the Gate (wip)
  58. Verso: The Assurance of Baal
  59. Recto: Crushing the Palace
  60. Verso: Dumuzid's Dream
  61. Recto: Geshtiana's Exaltation
  62. Verso: The Binding of the Storms
  63. Recto: The Liberation of Storm
  64. Dawn
I tried my best to make it less than 60 chapters but... looks like I won't be able to reduce it to the ideal number of 52


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