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I remember a show (no longer remember if it was a movie or a TV series), in live action, that was about a woman's dog that transform into a human male once a while (some kind of dogwere? like a werewolf, but is a dog that periodically turns into a human instead). What was its name again? It was in Chinese with English subtitle if I remember well, so I'm guess that it was a Hong Kong movie, but when I Google "dog turn into human" it gives me "man turn into dog" instead.

I miss that show.

It was a romantic comedy that turned into tragedy unless I missed the true end. The story was that woman's dog (small, bag-sized, black with some white, long hair) turned human (though can still understand dogs) to be the woman's emotional support of sort, unless she met him after this condition (I either don't remember the beginning or I have never watched it from the beginning). Eventually the woman fell in love with that kind young man, but spoiler )
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French dub of BBC Sherlock and Ron James' Manitoba Bound were playing at the same time on TV. In the end I chose to watch Manitoba Bound, but I can't help but regret not watching Sherlock. Is there a re-run left next week?
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Those following Kate Beaton on tumblr has probably already seen this, but the animation Tout en haut du monde looks pretty interesting.

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Looks like Discworld and Paranoia Agent are both therapeutic, though in different ways. The first is a social satire and the second is a social criticism. Both are highly recommended.

(Discworld is a series by Sir Terry Pratchett and Paranoia Agent is by Satoshi Kon.)
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I don't know what was happening, but when looking at Korra gif on tumblr, suddenly the entire episode was playing somewhere on the tumblr page. I could hear it, and it was indeed a full episode and not just a trailer. But I didn't know where was the post was, and the search was in vain. I tried to find the video in the Firefox cache, nothing.

Did I hallucinated the event?

Edit: Nevermind, it was a video auto-playing in a glitched way. I found it and watched it.


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