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Just downloaded the demo. I wanted to look at some spoilers first to take off the edges of getting feels over birds, but I just happened to read a segment that was like a stab to the heart.

It's actually Hurtful Holiday Star, right?

I never knew a bird yaoi visual novel could pack such heaviness to it. BIRD YAOI VISUAL NOVEL. With side interspecies het romance between a human girl and male birds, but it's pale rom and the heavier romance is still yaoi between birds. And there's this art shift painful whatisiteven parts with watercolor like a children's book illustrations and then turns into something that's almost like Puella Magi Madoka Magika witch fields. Who even wrote its plot. Hat off to you. Or crest feathers to you, whatever.

Japan, what the heck?

Edit: Also Famous Writer's logo is an albino axolotl? Hmm.

Edit 2: Got chased off computer before I could go far. I was tempted to name my main character Karkat Vantas, but decided to use a random name instead. I'll finish the game while sniffing my bird's feathers tomorrow, it'll be a fuller experience?

Edit 3: Playing it now... why is the only male pigeon in Pretty Coore team the one wearing pink hearts?! Coore Grey is a dude pigeon?! The Coore Light and Dark Grey are female or are they mutations?! Are we have story-in-story crossdressing magical pigeon?!

Edit 4: Now even the math teacher is a magical crossdresser?!

Edit 5: Whaaaaaaaaaaaat theeeeeeeeeeeeeee feaaaaaatheeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrs

Edit 6: That was glorious. I should buy the full copy.


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