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We just got a new laptop with HDMI connection and we linked it to the TV. Somehow, all videos played have severe red push. It doesn't happen with photos. When plugging a portable hard drive to TV directly the colours were right. On the laptop screen the colours are correct for both photos and images. However, as long as we play a video from the laptop on the TV via the HDMI it gets all wrong and have red push (even a bit of yellow push, if that exists). I tried using VLC instead of WMP and the red push was almost fixed, but still there. Trying K-Lite codec.
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I just confirmed today that portable hard drives can be plugged directly into my TV via USB port and run video and photos. However, there is a reduction in quality. And horrible loading speed in browsing mode (the speed is normal once the video is playing, but terrible wait to see the list of video available). I think I'll still try to get a laptop with HDMI, run the videos on laptop and do a PC-TV connection.

Still, in the mean time, I get to watch videos and check out photos on TV without having to move a computer near it :D


Jun. 9th, 2011 05:33 pm
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Ok, got a tumblr account, but has no idea how it works yet. lunatique didn't answer the phone when I called for help. Oh well. Gotta try until it works then.

Name is solarpillar and blog name is Solar Chirping. Now how do we make new posts on tumblr? I'm so lost!
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Just watched the videos of FESTO's airJelly, airRay and airPenguin. So beauteous. Utter happiness. I want these creatures all over my sci-fi city.


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