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Since finding shipless character study fics is really hard, I'm writing them myself. However, since I'm on Portal lately...


Character study: Aperture Science weighted storage cube
Origin: Portal series by Valve
Rating: G (what do you expect with a storage cube?)


Another cube fell through the dispenser.

Gray, bland and mute, Aperture Science weight storage cubes sat on the cold floor, waiting for someone to pick them up. As they did not have the embellished, cutesy look of Aperture Science companion cube, they tend to be dropped after use. What they were used for depends on their luck. Some were used a makeshift table and had radio or coffee mugs put on them. Some were sat on or stepped on. Unlucky ones were used to block High Energy Pellets and turret bullets. The most fortune and also the most unfortunate of them were used as replacement companion cube and hugged for many minutes, but either dropped before the human had to leave the room or disintegrated in the Material Emancipation Grid.

But they were just weighted cubes. They did not have a mind or heart.

Did they?

Dr. Rattmann, in your delusions, had you heard the storage cubes speaking?

Weighted Companion Cube, you are also a cube, had you heard your storage siblings cry to you? Laugh at you?

Who knew.

It's not like weighted cubes would dream of weighted storage sheep, would they?


Character study: Doug Rattmann's Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube
Origin: idem
Rating: G

The Aperture Science Collaborative Disposition Test described the Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube as follow: "Stalwart and dependable, you're always willing to give a friend the shirt off your back, a shoulder to cry on, or a step up. Compatible cooperative test partners include shirtless people who can't stop crying while they use you as stairs." It is mostly correct, as least for the average companion cube. Doug Rattmann's cube, however, was a bit more cynical. Perhaps it was because Rattmann's first cube, or maybe cubes, were lost or deceased, and the current cube understood that it was but a replacement of its human companion's first love or loves. Perhaps it was merely sick and tired of deaths and cat-and-mouse game with turrets, therefore wishes its human companion could simply run away from the centre, without or without it, so he could have a happy ever after.

Or it simply became aware that its mind didn't actually exist. All his advices, thoughts, memories and even parts of it shapes were but delusions of Rattmann, from countless days of chronic stress and untreated schizophrenia.

(Schizophrenia? But wasn't the companion cube's voice the only thing he deluded? I'd call that an imaginary friend. Compared to the dead bodies soaked in neurotoxin, this guy was sane.)

Funny how Rattmann stayed more or less sane through his insanity. It might have been the companion cube's help. Having someone to talk to was a good thing. Having someone nice, patient and dependable to talk with was a great thing. Companion cube, or at least Rattmann's current cube, was the latter. It listened. It spoke out its mind, but never forced its mind on Rattmann's. It never lied or deceived. It remembered the whole test centre and always knew where the turrets were, so that whenever Rattmann needed directions it could always tell him, as long as he can still hear its voice. It was a nice stepping block. It... was kind of good-looking. It also never leaved its companion, as long as he remembered to carry it.

(Oh wait, it was the delusions about the place that confirmed his madness. This guy was no longer so sane. Good thing the companion cube could still see what the test centre really looked like. Or the delusion of companion cube did. )

A perfect friend for a lonely artist and scientist.

It's probably still at Rattmann's side. Immobile. Perhaps covered in dust. Mute without Rattmann. A companion. Cube.

Oops, that ended as a companion cube x Rattmann fic. The ASCDT description of companion cube is taken from the Combine Overwiki.


Character study: Aperture Science Sentry Turrets
Origin: idem
Rating: G

Ah! mia bella!
Ah! mia cara!
Ah! mia cara...

Sentry turrets. Deadly. Polite. Full of empathy, but that could be suppressed. Would guard babies (but would cause the babies to starve to death as all incoming things and beings would be fired upon). Came in many colours and patterns. Held heck a lot of bullets. And able to play music and sing Italian opera.

O cara, cara mia...

"I don't hate you."
"Can't we be friends?"
"Are you still there?"
"Thanks anyway."

Cara bella, cara mia bella!
Mia bambina, o ciel!

The Aperture Science sentry turrets practised for days to perform the opera composed by GLaDOS for her dear daughter-like figure: Chell. Machines built to kill, today making music and singing opera. Because it wasn't the end until the fat turret sings, was it?

Mia bambina, o Chell!
La mia bambina cara,
perché non passi lontana?

Today, Chell left Aperture Laboratories.

Ah, mia bella!
Ah, mia cara!
Ah, mia cara!
Ah, mia bambina!
O cara, cara mia...

Let's pray that she wouldn't be dragged back again. There was many deaths for turrets. Now with her gone, they could finally take a break. What to do with rest of their days? Maybe they could keep the theatre and became performers...

"I'm on fire! Ah!"

I'm in love with these turrets. can I have a non-deadly one?

Rocket Sentry may or may not coming soon.
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Why did I draw stuff like Aperture cube x companion cube, turret --> rocket turret, Aperture cube and turret friendship and other pure cargo shipping? Shouldn't I be drawing Rattmann x companion cube and GLaDOS x Chell?

...oh my mind.
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Read some Portal 2 spoilers from the wiki. Now shipping GLaDOS with Chell. *facepalm*
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Finally read that comic yesterday. It was awesome concentrated.

Kind of funny how the clinically insane "Ratman" is the sanest Aperture employee we have seen so far. Even his schizophrenic delusions are so sane in comparison to things like Henry letting GLaDOS have "a little" (read: enough to kill a whole facility of people, so definitely not just a little) neurotoxin "as long as it's for science". Chell's "never gives up. ever" sounds like a prefrontal cortex anomaly (there's a difference between "never give up" because of willpower and determination and "never give up" just because... plus only the pathological kind of never give up would get someone rejected for test subject position at Aperture). Let's not even mention Johnson's mercury-injected shower curtains.


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