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I felt like that I haven't done much things yet.

Let's see...

I haven't gone to watch the new Sherlock movie at the theatre.

I haven't worked on my novels (I wonder if I will ever work on them).

I'm not done studying for the driver's test (theory part), though it should be done tomorrow.

I haven't even started my submission for threadless.

I haven't finished my submission for the comic contest in the province.

I have done:
I carved a dragon, its flaming orb thing and general New Year message on a giant citrus. With a block print knife. My parents didn't believe I could do it until I did. Take that.
I have finished all the fic exchanges/promised gift fics.
I studied for the driving test.
I played Swords and Potions and reached the 1M milestone!
I baked breads, twice, and succeeded both times. The first I liked but my bird didn't because it had garlic in it (another proof that my bird is not-so-secretly a vampire). The second my bird loved it, but he's not getting enough so tomorrow I'll heat up some more for him.
I ate enough jellyfish. Crispy, chewy, jelly goodness. Japan was stupid not trying to fix their jellyfish problem by having everybody eat them.
I showed off my hidden skills with chocolate oranges. I didn't know I would have a chance to show them off. Years of chocolate oranges whacking did pay off (okay, that must be one of the most useless skill I have ever trained but whatever it was fun).
I made many holiday cards with rubber block print. I want to try linoleum now, but can't find them (not the right size).

What made me happy:
It snowed on/for Christmas.
Dad bought me the Kitchenaid stand mixer. Now I won't tire myself out when I make breads.
I made the holiday cards in time. Thanks for the help, lunatique!
The Swords and Potions guild I'm in right now is very active.
Dad let me buy a pot of paperwhite narcissus. They are growing well. Sadly, we won't be able to see them often because they are toxic and we are hiding them so Jules won't eat them out of curiosity. I'm thinking of pressing them into bookmarks once they are blooming, but because of the bell-shape it's going to be hard. Would glazing them with varnish work too? Or will they just rot inside the varnish?
Bought a boxful of quail eggs. Trying to figure out how to eat them. Marinate, hard-boiled or mini-omelettes? Or quail egg pancakes?

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Knows self to be lying and lies: to lie, a lie
Doesn't know self to be lying but lies: to confabulate, confabulation, "honest lie"
Knows self to be misguiding and tells truth in a way that it becomes a lie in the listener's mind: <--- what is the name for this? TV Tropes used to call this a Jedi Truth, but what's the actual word?
Doesn't know self to be misguiding and tells the truth, but becomes a lie in the listener's mind: a misunderstanding
Thinks self to be lying but tells the truth without knowing: <--- what is the word? as seen in Wilde's The Importance of being Ernest.
Knows the truth and tells the truth: to tell, a truth
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Because a lot of people have this, I'm trying to make one myself. I don't always fan over them though. More like, I rarely fan over them, except one or two at time because someone infected me with fan syndrome virus.
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The list only mentions the ones I remember and particularly liked. For this reason, I didn't name the Matrix, Lords of the Ring, Sherlock Holmes, Lady Windermere's Fan, Don Juan, Tristan et Iseult and other stuff. Tristan et Iseult will be the pain of my aorta for many years. It's just so frustrating and made me think an antidote against love (I mean Eros here, not Agape) could be a really good idea.
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Ok, most of them are old anime, but still, I haven't watched them yet. Ok, I did watch one or few episodes of most of them, but I need to finish them.

Japanese animations:

[C] The Money And Soul Of Possibility
also known as [C] - The Money of Soul and Possibility
also known as [C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
- Economics and finance, recycled in form of flashy monster battle! It is exactly as the aka name means: you fight with the money of your soul as life points. When you go bankrupt anything you've brought with that money disappears, including your life and existence. The trick is to control possibilities. All the attacks, heck, the whole battle system is based on different strategy people use in business and how they affect your assets. The game is sort of metaphor for using credit card or something (the card they give you for the game is a black card, like the Centurion card, and it's also invitation-only). Japan, thanks for giving us a fun reason to remember how business and finances work.

also known as Welcome to Irabu's Office
also known as Irabu: The Psychiatrist
- Psychology, in anime form! Sort of. It's a deranged, incredibly styled animation that includes live action pretty often. Like, all non-important characters are literally 2D paper people. The more important ones are either "normally" drawn or in semi-live action (as in, they are live action with anime-colours painted on, like one of those midnight animations we see on TV here). And the "normal" style looks like something we see more often in American comics (no, not the super-hero muscles, more like the simple style ink). There's one patient per episode, though you see the patient in other patients' episodes too as side characters. The patient pretty much always shows up in live action when he enters the clinic. The nurse too (nice legs). Extremely surreal. However, every time a "mental sickness" or symptom is mentioned, a "real psychologist" appears and explain to the audience how it works in real life. It's like, a footnote in an anime. He comes out of a door cut into the screen like that and starts to give information. Awesome. I never knew we could insert footnote in an animation. I've seen subtitles that do the same job, but to have a footnote in an animation in the form of an animation (semi-animated character)... wow. Warning: heavy in collage and flashy colours. Warning to psychology students: the Japan does not use the DSM-IV revised or its predecessors for psychology diagnosis, so don't use them for your class if you don't live in Japan! (And why does TV Tropes say they don't use DSM-V? I thought it isn't officially out yet?)

Paranoid Agent
- Made by the Japanese equivalent of David Lynch. It's a surreal social commentary about... a lot of things. The opening is very much on acid, which equally deranged lyrics (What a beautiful mushroom cloud!). Some flashbacks are in live action. Unlike the other animations on this list, the drawings aren't very stylised (but still not the Japan mainstream style; it has more of a Korean feel somehow, but of course not the Korean shojo-manhwa one, it's more like... I have no idea;;). Oh, the same team's behind the anime movie Paprika.

The Tatami Galaxy
also known as Yojōhan Shinwa Taikei
also known as 4½ Tatami Mythological Chronicles
- The title refers to the size of a student dorm. It's the tales of an university student and eccentric people in the building who pretend to be deities or look like demons (to the narrator only). Could count as a social commentary, but mostly it is a campus comedy. Started as a novel that sounds just as interesting. The animation also uses very stylised drawings, which fit the story well. Live action is occasional used, but not very often.

- Do I need to explain this one? It's a medicine peddler that exorcise demons with a fancy sword. Very stylised animation. Use a lot of pasted-on textures, which are very pretty. I watched the first two episodes at school's Anime Night and the art blew my mind.

Non-Japanese Animations:
The Adventures of Mark Twain
- A claymation that... explores the stories written by Mark Twain. It's a series, actually.

All the deranged midnight animations I watched when I was young and found them intriguing. I'll list them as I remember them.

Several machinimas as I discover them. Oh, and try to watch more Red vs. Blue. I hope there are good Portal machinimas.

Those old Chinese animations using paper puppets/cut-moleskin-shadow shows/whatever they are called. Also old Chinese water-ink animations.

La planete sauvage
- How to describe it? miniature humans treated like how we treat animals by giant blue humanoids. One mini-human escaped with alearning tool and gave her people technology. They travel a lot. The whole thing gets weirder as it goes. Like that creepy "flower" that'll forever haunt my memories. Or those creepy cubes. Or the headless statues. Brrr. I watched the whole movie before and watch it in parts too several times, but they were all when I was young (like middleschool and before), so I want to rewatch this.

That stopmotion animation with a child entering a world where everything is in half. I think it was an animation meant to teach children fractions. I think he also went to worlds where things are in quarters and stuff. I don't know if it was a long movie, a short movie or a series. I don't known if the one I saw was one of the episodes or the whole series' about that. I don't remember what they used for the stopmotion. Normally it would be claymation, but I really can't remember and I think it was wood-cut or papier-mache. Need more research.

More animations in general.

Krysař (The Pied Piper of Hamelin) (1985) looks good, but it looks too dark so I don't want to watch it alone.

Need to rewatch Ryan. You can watch and buy it here:

What is Yuri Norstein’s Tale of Tales? I know that it probably inspired the name of the game-making company that made The Graveyard, The Path and The Endless Forest, but... is it creepy?
I mean, it is based on a Russian equivalent of Grimm's collection of fairytales (in this case is Giambattista Basile and the collected tales are Russian fairytales). I don't want to watch this animation alone.
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In order of liking:
--check out weekly--
Gunnerkrigg Court
Dresden Codak
Nine Planets without Intelligent Life (Bohemian Drive)
--check out sometimes--
Honeydew Syndrome
xkcd (sometimes cross the line twice)
Order of the Stick
Hanna is not a boy's name
Johnny Wander
Awkward Zombie
Hark! a vagrant
--check out once in a blue moon--
Irregular comic
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (crossed the line twice)
The Non-Adventures of Wonderella (crossed the line twice)

My Top 3's

Oct. 4th, 2010 09:07 pm
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Making a list to keep track of who I am and what I like.

Top 3 Novels:
1. Good Omens
2. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
3. Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair's Youth
Honourable Mention: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (but I'm planning to read The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul so I don't know which one will stay.)

Top 3 Live Action Movies:
1. The legend of pianist on the ocean (known here as The Legend of 1900, which is actually made in 1998)
2. MirrorMask (2005) + Batman: The Dark Knight
3. Nothing (It's the name of the movie. Made in Canada 2003)

Top 3 Latin American Comics and Graphic Novels:
1. The Sandman
2. Y: The Last Man
3. WE3

Top 3 Webcomics:
1. Gunnerkrigg Court
2. Dresden Codak
3. Hero (the one by Hwei, with the boy and a demon with a motorcycle named Duck)

Top 3 Manga:
1. Monster
2. The Funeral Procession of K
3. Clover
(If Honeydew Syndrome is more of a manga, it goes to Honourable Mention here, but it is actually a hybrid crossed with western graphic novel instead of pure manga... But you nkow which one I'd like to put here or at the Graphic Novels 3rd place? Nuu's Merlin mafia!AU.)

Top 3 Songs:
(can't choose, too unstable)

Top 3 Japanese Animations:
1. Summer Wars + The Girl who Leapt through Time
2. Digimon the movie: Children's War Game (I know, it wasn't that well done... but you know, childhood.)
3. Miyazaki movies

Top 3 Western Animations:
1. Ryan
2. Wall-E
2. (can't decide which one goes here... nothing particularly stands out like the other two)

Top 3 Food:
1. Lasagna (home-made)
2. Apple (the sweet, crispy and juicy ones, not the sour ones)
3. Seafood (I love fish and shrimps. I love having them as pets and I love eating them.)

Top 3 Drinks:
1. Litchi and red wine cocktail (does it have a name?)
2. Orange juice and light beer
3. Home-made smoothie

Top 3 Animals to have as Pets:
1. Shrimps
2. Fish
3. Small Parrots
Honourable Mention: Cats.


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