Apr. 22nd, 2013 12:21 pm
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Sakura Matcha Kit Kat chocolate is so delicious.

email died

Oct. 1st, 2012 06:19 pm
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My hushmail is now inactive because I forgot to keep logging in and now I'll have to pay if I want to keep using the same account. Anyone know a good email service?
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I read Problem Sleuth and...

People say that my brain is weird? Then Hussie isn't even human. Wait, is he?
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I want to leave this memory to the public. I know that it's possible that no one involved will be reading this, but I want to leave this memory here. It's about the strike happening in Quebec. The students' strike.

The memory is this: I had expected a students' strike to lead to a near-empty school. Only staff and few students not on strike, and that's it. It was not. During the school time the school was still full of students. The libraries were still full if not fuller. Only the classrooms were empty. Easily. The school had the government's help to order that the classes must take place even if one student is in class. They were all automatically full without exception during strikes. And the students were forbidden to block or pursue other students to boycott class, reinforced by the security. No one was there to block. the students simply knew not to come. Even when there were some who complained and wanted classes, the strike still took place and the classrooms were empty.

I waited outside sometimes just in case some students show up. Nope. No students, no teacher, classrooms empty; safe for me walking through some of them as a shortcut.

Leaving school to go back home, I saw and heard the music school students practice singing for the strike. They were singing, beautifully, serenely, in protest. It wasn't an angry song. It was peaceful. It wasn't even nightingale obscenity*, but a rather ordinary song calling for the better. Unless they have a different song for the actual march, it was a peaceful, hopeful song.

Near the arts and letters building there were chalk graffiti on the stairs, announcing the time and place for next strike-related activities.

There. That was part of my memory, of the strike, from early April 2012.

Comments disabled because no debate or discussion is needed. This is only a subjective memory saved and made public on the net for reasons myself have no idea. Do not contact me about this. All messages about this will be ignored and deleted.

*'nightingale obscenity' refers to the joke that nightingales' sweet songs were actually obscenities and death threats. In this context, it means a sweet-sounding song with dissonant lyrics.


May. 22nd, 2012 03:32 pm
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I was organizing my Gold/Silver porn slashy fanarts collection when I had to go eat. I left the computer open and went downstairs to eat, knowing that mom is asleep in another room and probably won't see it, and the screen is going to auto-sleep in a minute.

Then when I came back up, mom is awake, the computer is not in sleep mode and my porn collection is clearly visible. Shit.

She didn't say anything about it, but it's 90% possible that she saw it. No, more like, 100% possible. Let's hope that she assumed that Silver is a girl.
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French dub of BBC Sherlock and Ron James' Manitoba Bound were playing at the same time on TV. In the end I chose to watch Manitoba Bound, but I can't help but regret not watching Sherlock. Is there a re-run left next week?
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Those potatoes I used there weren't all potatoes or something. Way too sweet. Were they white sweet potatoes? No, not sweet enough for that. Maybe hybrids? Maybe I mixed a taro in them? No way, they look way too different. Maybe I smashed some white sweet potatoes with the regular potatoes.

But whatever happened, that salad ended up sweet.

B>abilities to tell plants apart
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So... I dug it out from my old stuff. I bought it few years ago for $20. It should contain 13 sheets of 9 different varieties.

But when I opened it today, the content is all wrong. I just took it out from its plastic wrapping, so the content is 100% same of what I bought, I didn't change it without remembering.

The number of total sheets is wrong, the varieties are possibly not the same as indicated and the number of each seems to be wrong. How can they get that much wrong in one package is a mystery. Could this be a bootleg? Next time I'll make sure to buy art supplies from a less obscure art store.
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I typed in "tilt" in the Google search bar of Mozilla and the entire Google search page came out titled D:


Apr. 9th, 2012 08:33 pm
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I was supposed to help Kuruk with the full names I guess, but somehow I spent the whole day listening to Nico Nico pokemon songs and attempting to make Easter eggs.


Apr. 7th, 2012 11:23 pm
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This Harpy Eagle there has this pattern on its legs like the skin of fish with scales removed. I can't stop thinking of delicious cooked fish skin when I look at them. Is there anywhere that sells fish skin? I want to eat some.

(Also, few days I ago I woke up wanting to eat hearts, whatever that meant. I think it was iron deficiency speaking.)

And delicious dried caterpillar snacks, deep fried cicada younglings, tempura tarantula...
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I have finally decided to tackle it. Looks like I must be half-blind because I only succeeded with the help of Ctrl + F.

solution )

Read it here: http://alchemyalice.livejournal.com/30775.html
It is one of the best Inception fanfics I have read.
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So cruel. Pitching the comics I like against each other.

But it is through this that I learn the existence of Romantically Apocalyptic, which gives us this gem: http://romanticallyapocalyptic.com/63

So beautiful.
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...either my subconscious safeties are too good, or I am having another writer's block here. I can barely trim the notes. I just said to lin that I would, but this looks too hard and I'll just go punch out some originals now.

Writer's blocks I hate youuuuuuuuuuuuu.
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There's no way to only edit that. The survival notes were too fragmented, not in the right POV, not in the right mood, not in the right genre or in wrong verb tense. I have to rebuild it from scratch and it's going to take a few days.

Edit: Looks like there's even the problem of not in the right age. In one they're still children and in another they are adults. I have a lot of triage to do.
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I'm changing them so that my Reading page is no longer clogged by daily scans and that I can actually read my friends' posts. Instead of having to manually check their journal now and then.
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Ask myself what I want.

I really want to read more fanfics, but I know that I need to moderate. I'm trying to rationalise by telling myself that those fics were, um, educative.

...they are very educative, aren't they?
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I was doing this paraffin sculpting with the remaining pieces and I decided to Google Image for some inspiration on finishing.

Then I saw this: http://formyhour.com/dynamic-sculpture-motohiko-odan

Why do I even tryyyy /stab self with sculpting tools
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How I've missed them ;A;

Edit: Karkat, you're so precious.

Now get on with the others too please. oh fuck that was a spoiler too ) I wish we could have multi-linear reading here so we can read about all of them at once.

Edit edit: Also, thank goodness that... wait, I told myself no spoilers.
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Ok, so now I have watched 3/6 episodes of Sherlock (BBC). I'm feeling that I might get an overdose if I watch one more today.

Thanks to those who gave me a final push into watching this.

I don't know if I want to complain about the changes they made in Irene Adler. Of course, everybody's changed, so I guess I shouldn't have problems with her changes.


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