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I'm having this intense craving for ancient-tasting stories and it doesn't seem to stop, even though it should stop soon. I thought I ate enough stories last night, but it wasn't enough. Not "pure" enough, whatever this feel is. A better wording might be not "chaotic" enough, but that's not the exact word either.

Basically, the old thing about how it's often order vs. chaos and/or passive vs. active in ancients stories rather than good vs. bad. How the Ashura and the Devas are considered good or bad depending who you ask. How the Aesir and Vanir fought and united and how the Aesir-Vanir alliance fought with the Jotun. The Titans vs. the monsters. The primordial ice vs. the primordial fire. The chaos, then sky and earth. The primordial giant, killed or died of whatever and body was used to create the mortal world. The eating of humans by gods and demons, both the kind where the human keep existing after the eating and the ones where they don't. Stones slates or air or bones or whatever on which the fate of the universe is inscribed, like the Akashic records or that tablet Tiamat gave to her most loved son or... How there is a different between fate and destiny, how fate may be changed and how the inevitable cannot. How humans creates demons and gods to eat themselves and in turn eat the demons and gods to gain power from them. How we create god and defeat them, and they bless us.

These kind of things. And I suppose, how one thing becomes another, and another becomes another. Variation. Fluidity. Emotions and ambiance and sounds of prophecy and truths between the noises of metal feathers sharp enough to cut existence itself into shape.

I can almost see a song about it.

The modern stories are too often about gain and loss. I want to read something else. Stories about foundations, about existence, about how you must break the order if you cannot stand it, and just as likely stop the chaos if you cannot stand that. How we are all gods with too many flaws and run towards our doom, laughing.

I need these kind of stories, or I'm afraid I'm going to starve.


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