Apr. 14th, 2011

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original post: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm14118068
backup on youtube: http://youtu.be/k590EOeNoSM

Found it via komica's pokemon subforum.
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When I was playing gen I and II I thought I'd become a dragon-type trainer in the post-game. However, now that I do have the patience to play until post-game in Emerald, I ended up as a steel-type trainer before I know it. How I learned it? Well, I met a dragon tame with charizard and it burned my pokemons to faint. Is there a steel-type that's more or less resistant to fire? Like, steel/fire or steel/water? So far I have steel/flying (skarmory), steel/ground (aggron) and steel/psychic (metagross) for Battle Frontier lv50 challenges. Steel/eletric magneton is still in-training.

I think Ruby contracted steel-type love via Steven Stone.

Oh, and I can't trade pokemons since I'm using an emulator (did not borrow lunatique's NDS because I wouldn't stop playing if I had it; here I can only play while at home).
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I can't stand it! I have to study in French, mais les lectures sont en anglais! Mais les notes de cours sont quand même en français! So I have to keep switching from one to the other. Bon, it's kind of hypocritical since switching is exactly what I'm doing now, but it won't leave a mark in my bulletin as direct result, right? They should let us do the exam in whatever language we want!


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