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...WTF Japan?

All the Frenches and Japaneses and Canadians and other artsy people will be very proud of this video's maker. Look at it. So surreal, so absurd, so touching.

/burst out laughing and crying at the same time


Dec. 27th, 2011 10:35 pm
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(It's a running game where you control the legs not by one button, but by thighs and calves in four buttons. The result: how do I run?)
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I just noticed that Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell was featured at at one point. I admit that it has a lot of potential for slash, but there isn't actually any direct gay pairing in it. And it produces far less slash fanworks than, say, Harry Potter or Dresden Files. Why it got featured in a site full of 100% BL stuff is beyond my guess.

Then again, there used to be some articles about ball-joint dolls... by a guy.
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When I tried to paste my pokemon fic in dreamwidth it crashed the entire firefox. I tried again and it crashed again. Is it because I copied from WordPad, or is it because there are too many words per post?
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What the heck was that? I think I'll continue avoiding Glee.

Also, when will we be able to read pettyartist's HGSS Nuzlocke run? I'm really looking forwards to Gary with a prosthetic arm, new rival Silver (which could lead to paradox) and Locke/Red paradox. And pole-dancing stripper Giovanni. Silver, stop your dad before he gets arrested! Wait, HGSS is where Silver strips the protagonist naked right? Er... Don't rush at getting arrested, you worst father-and-son criminal team in Pokemon history D:

Edit: Someone pointed out that her Silver doesn't look like a girl. It's true. I think I can count the number of artist who don't draw Silver like a girl (and that I saw) on a single hand. One, two, three... She's the third. That's including the official art. In fact, the earlier design of Silver at Game Freak was girly too. It was only from HGSS that Silver stopped looking like a girl, but it's kind of late as the girl!Silver was already in our shared memory. Wow.

Edit 2: Nevermind, I stared more at her Silver and noticed that he doesn't look like a guy either. This guy fails at looking like a guy D8 I blame the GSC time.
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Where does the fanart of PokeSpe/GSC Johto trio running around wearing female school uniform from Suzumiya Haruhi while waving a chainsaw come from? And why do they look so natural? Why was the drawing done in professional quality? Was it done by an animator? Will there be an OVA of it (which I'll totally watch)?


May. 18th, 2011 11:12 pm
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My mind is now filled to brim with naked lesbians. Some of them used to be boys. Help.
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I downloaded the Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri demo from Firaxis Games but when I opened it it was OpenOffice installation set. What?
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OW. It hurts.

Stop bullying our rivals!



Then again, it's hilarious, so go head and bully them again. Just... don't do it too hard.
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Scroll down to the mating section.

Or, just read my summary: there are big masculine males with nice head and neck feathers who take territories and smaller, less masculine males and feminine males who stay in the masculine males' territories and the male males mate with the feminine males and by doing so attract females. Ok, the mere presence of more feminine males in a masculine male's territory attract females already, but they like to mate each other and it might boost the attraction. Both type of males mate with females, but females seem to prefer the feminine ones. And, when the masculine land-owner males mate with female-mimicking feminine males, both kind are likely to top.

So yeah. The females ruffs must be shippers and yaoi fan females and the males are genre savvy bisexual playboys who attract females to mate with by open display of gay fan service. And the manly males are the ones with big feathers and a harem of more feminine males.

Nature. What the heck?


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