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In one branch of psychology we think that people are sad or malfunctioning (ok, not the right words for both of the things, but the jargon is dysphoria and dysfunction, meaning that by the person's own standard, one is feeling down or cannot function as well as one should) because they are not "whole" as a person.

It's not Freud's. In psychanalysis, people are sad or malfunctioning (still not correct, the jargon word here would be hysteria, which means "this people isn't feeling well, but it's not a physiological issue, but a purely psychological one") is inner-conflict.

(Yeah, hope I didn't mislead lunatique on the phone earlier.)
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I hate how a lot of people assume that Karkat got his psychologist-therapist skills from watching romcoms and thus is dubious. While loving romcoms do contribute, I want to remind everyone that Karkat grew up relatively sane, albeit with a bad temper. And had a relatively awesome dad. The branch of psychology that I believe in would rather attribute his psychology skills to a sane mind from a sane upbringing and the use of freakin' common sense, not "he watched romcoms so he liked to act like a therapist". And on top of the romcoms a source of information (romcoms being a cause), watching romcoms was probably the result of his personality to start with (romcoms being a consequence). He already liked the complexity of romance. Therefore he loved romcoms. Therefore he liked to act like a psychologist-therapist (and a shipper). And his analysis do make sense.
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Today I witnessed Jules passing the mirror test. We have suspected that he'd pass for sometimes, but I have never seen him pass. Usually before a mirror he does nothing but stare. Today he had a down feather on his beak and he didn't seem to know. Instead of forcibly remove it for him as usual, I showed him the mirror. He saw himself in it and immediately lowered his head to wipe the feather off his beak on my hand.

He also understands human languages and is at least bilingual in them.

Next I'm going to try test if he has psychic powers. If he doesn't he must still have sound related or time related superpower. Or some kind of power similar to a Laplace's demon.


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