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...I'm going to cry. It shows that the artist's favourite character is Gold, but please don't forget rotating characters for the front position. It's two volumes with Gold in the front in a row. What about Silver and Crys?

But if this means HGSS will have at least 4 volumes... then I'm happy. Just don't let Gold steal all the spotlight, I like the other two too. I know that the spotlight imbalance will probably sort out eventually, I'm not worrying. But the bias is kind of obvious.

I mean, the Sinnoh chapters had very good rotation, taking turn in the spotlight. Same with most of the GSC. RGBY had the characters corresponding the arc colour, which was fine. Emerald was on the front of all the covers for his arc, but that's the same logic as RGBY. Yet when it came to Gold and Ruby, the artist seems to be biased. Only one cover had Sapphire dominate a cover and one where she co-spotlighted with Ruby, and all the rest of that chapter had Ruby pretty much highlighted on the cover even if they are both on it. That's 5 volumes covers. With Gold it's bit like this too. He was in the spotlight for both volume 13 and 14, giving him one cover advantage over the other two in the Johto trio. He was mentioned and seen at the end of Platinum arc with a huge back shot (doubles as an ass shot) and in the next chapter preview of volume 40, when other two weren't even mentioned. He was also in the central position of that promotional character portraits series for the announcement of vol. 40 and 41, despite vol.40 being Platinum arc and vol.41 mostly about Silver figuring out the plates. Also he was on that fanart of the Three Musketeers manga of the same artist.

Ruby and Gold: the spotlight thieves of Pokemon Special.
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AKA Chapter 9. It just came out yesterday. I have only seen few preview pages, but good Arceus is Silver like a pretty girl in there.
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Gold is back! Gold is back! Gold is back!

Sadly this is the end of Platinum arc, so he's only around... what, 16? 18 if we stretch it. When can we see 26 year-old Gold?

And I thought the artist only does female fanservice. Then we get Gold's ass shot (actually only a back shot, but there's a lot of highlight on the ass). I'm happy. Like, pixiv fanon is already doing Gold's frontal crotch shot so why not ass shot. (I'm talking about the memetic crotch shot movement after the Skyla crotch shot incident in PokeSpe, not just me being perverted here.)
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HGSS arc is coming out in tankouban as Volume 41! So is Platinum Arc (note: not the same as Diamond and Pearl Arc) as Volume 40... Weird, so HGSS is set after Platinum?

Please please redraw and expand the HGSS, whoever's work on them now. Don't end it with a blinded and muted Silver. Platinum arc... can use some expansion too.
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Gold <3 Red <3 Yellow <3 Diamond <3

Yellow's voice feels so androgynous here. Perfect.

When will we see the old DexHolders in PokeSpe again? I've missed them.
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I was wondering why did the male cast of Pokemon Special suddenly became girly after the artist switch. Apparently, the editor told the new artist "you must draw the boys like how you used to draw girls" and the new artist might have taken this a bit too seriously.


... ...

Someone give me realgirls!Silver/Red/Green please T______T They would make awesome girls. Red and Green were like a lesbian couple since the LGFR arc and I would like to see them as a real lesbian couple.

P.S.: I just read a fic with pre-op transsexual Red too. Ngh. I think I like that Red. I mean, Green's a boy, Blue's a girl, so why can't Red be the third gender? Same with Gold/Hibiki, Kris/Lyra and Silver. That redhead had been pressing my transromanticist fetish since I first saw him.
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I'm so happy! I just read some excellent Johto trio doujinshi and they are so cute! It's kind of sad whenever Silver's involved though.

In one it's PokeSpe-verse. Silver and Blue part ways because Blue is going back to her parents. Silver didn't know his parents then, so he was alone. Gold found him and invited him home where Silver got to live as an ordinary boy for some time and Gold's mom treated him like her own son, but Silver knew he didn't belong and left in search of his real parents. The end is sort of No End with Gold and Crystal talking.

It gave off a very strong James + Sirius vibes IMO. I wanna read Harry Potter parents generation doujinshi now. In retrospection, maybe that was why I liked Silver so much: he was a bit like Sirius Black, being the rebellious son from an evil family, escaped to get his own life, found a friend in the Chaotic Good (somewhat, but still a jerk and not always nice) alignment, sentenced to prison (Sirius)/almost sentenced to prison (Silver), saved by a little boy arguably in the Chaotic Good alignment (Harry/Gold), a person related to the evil family he once had kills (in Sirius's case)/handicapped (in Silver's case, blinded and muted). Both had long hair at one point and short in others. Both are bit of deadpan snarkers. Both had history of non-human intelligent animals abuse. And actually, I believe the only reason Silver isn't dead yet is because it's a comic book for children (and that it got cut off before he could). And both are Gryffindor who tend to act like Slytherin. Sirius turns into a black dog and Silver was seen with a houndoom in the official art for the games.

In another it's ambiguously PokeSpe-verse and school AU. Silver tend to have different personality than his PokeSpe or games counterparts when it's school AU, probably because he gets a more normal life there so his personality tend to be more normal and less extreme/violent. In fact, he tend to be the calmest of the three in school AUs (but still bicker and fight with Gold). He's also the less visibly delinquent of the three. And Gold... I love when he wears hairclips. And of course when Yellow shows up wearing skirt over pants, Gold has to be the one making her show more legs (the result: white thigh-high socks + mini skirt = grade A zettai ryouki! No, he didn't say that, I did). Next he's planning to make her wear mini-skirt over black pantyhose... And try to make Silver wear the same (immediately turned down).

It's funny how Red's cellphone background is Green in maid dress and Gold has one of Silver waking up in the morning. They really love playing with their rivals (as in, pushing the boundary of their self-respect).

There's another doujinshi called 36 celsius, which is the only shipping doujin of the three with Gold/Silver. It wasn't very plausible to me so I just replaced Gold and Silver with Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus in my head. It sort of worked. Seriously, if the slashed couple are boys, make them act like boys! Not lesbians in boys' bodies.
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Silver's Christmas Celebration was the 24th. I missed it again OTZ

The pixiv tag for this year's Silver's Christmas Celebration is シルバー聖誕祭2011
Last year's is シルバー聖誕祭

I'm really disappointed. The Gold&Ruby Fes had much better quality pictures than this. The first シルバー聖誕祭 had better pictures than this. This year's... pas regardable *facepalm*

Good Silver Fes pictures from the first year (シルバー聖誕祭 tag):

(Johto Trio/OT3 fan comic, highly recommended)

(warning, minor Green x Silver)

Nota bene: Both Silver's Christmas Celebration and Gold&Ruby Fes are limited to the Pokemon Special (known as Pokemon Adventures in English) universe, not the gameverse. "Silver" gives the PokeSpe character and the Sonic character when used as tag. If you are searching for the game Silver, try "Rival" in phonetics.

I wonder if there are Digimon celebrations? I think it should be the time for one, but I cannot remember which so I don't know what tag to use...
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July is Ruby and Gold's birth month, so there is a pixiv project/festival/celebration for it again. So I clicked on the tag and found this:

What. The. Fuck.

*cries on a pillow*

I'm scared ToT

Question: where are the old Gold&Ruby shippy fanarts? Do they get deleted after a year?
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Happy birthday Blue! I have no idea how to write/draw you so you get no fan work. Sorry. Maybe I'll do a FireRed/LeafGreen Nuzlocke run with you? -shot-
At least Spe gave Blue the cutest little brother ever.

I hope Nintendo/Game Freak would remember the first two gen and do a sequel. And include Leaf/Blue somewhere in the canon continuity so she'll exist. And show us what happened to Red? What turned a chatty gossip into a silent hermit? And why is Green so fixated on Red despite Red pretty much ruining his life (but he beat some sense back into Green, that I admit).

Funny how nearly every NPC you come across in HGSS that knew Red will tell you (Ethan or Lyra) that you are like Red. I thought the "Red was Gold's older brother 3 years his senior" thing was scrapped sometime before G/S/C. Mythology gag?

*browsing pokespe on pixiv*

PokeSpe Red still has this heavy "wife" feel to him. And Green looks like a bifauxnen. Oh dear Mew. So they are actually a couple of girls crossdressed as boys? -shot-

Also, Game Freak! Please remember that you once wanted to implement a skateboard into the games! We are still waiting for it! Give us a skateboard in the Pokemon games please!

(Oh, and please remember that Silver was once designed like a girl. We won't mind seeing a reveal in sequel to Johto/Kanto saga that says Silver was a girl all along, raised as a boy only so she could be the heir to Team Rocket or something. =P )

Otherwise I'm attempting my own Nuzlocke comic.
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Where does the fanart of PokeSpe/GSC Johto trio running around wearing female school uniform from Suzumiya Haruhi while waving a chainsaw come from? And why do they look so natural? Why was the drawing done in professional quality? Was it done by an animator? Will there be an OVA of it (which I'll totally watch)?
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I-I'm starting to ship Silver with Red and Green! This is so wrong! And I also want to see more Silver in dress now! With black roses! -death by horn drill-
I wanna see female!Silver dammit! Those I have seen so far are not good enough! Someone give me a good female!Silver! -death by icy wind, horn drill and earthquake-
Ok, how about someone make a doujin where Red is mommy, Green is daddy and Silver is their son. Their neighbours are Blue and Yellow, who are a lesbian couple. -death by 10,000 volts-

But in the end, Blue still tops Green forever! Their game counterparts make an excellent couple as well +_+ It's sad how Nintendo's canon is Red/Green. (I'm not kidding, both GSC and HGSS confirms that Red was the one who had a love-hate friendship with Green and the only one Red calls after losing to the new protagonist is Green. Since Red doesn't interact with other human beings other than Green...)

Need to see more PokeSpe love~

P.S.: Is it just me or (Soul!)Silver just HAS to undress SOMEONE in any continuity he's in? In HGSS he undressed the protagonist. pixiv probably has a tag for the stripping event. In PokeSpe he tore his own Rocket suit away. Here he threw the black dress away. (Non-Soul Silver like GSC's Silver or Golden Boys' Black don't count as they follow another design.)


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