Apr. 22nd, 2013 12:21 pm
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Sakura Matcha Kit Kat chocolate is so delicious.
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I'm having this intense craving for ancient-tasting stories and it doesn't seem to stop, even though it should stop soon. I thought I ate enough stories last night, but it wasn't enough. Not "pure" enough, whatever this feel is. A better wording might be not "chaotic" enough, but that's not the exact word either.

Basically, the old thing about how it's often order vs. chaos and/or passive vs. active in ancients stories rather than good vs. bad. How the Ashura and the Devas are considered good or bad depending who you ask. How the Aesir and Vanir fought and united and how the Aesir-Vanir alliance fought with the Jotun. The Titans vs. the monsters. The primordial ice vs. the primordial fire. The chaos, then sky and earth. The primordial giant, killed or died of whatever and body was used to create the mortal world. The eating of humans by gods and demons, both the kind where the human keep existing after the eating and the ones where they don't. Stones slates or air or bones or whatever on which the fate of the universe is inscribed, like the Akashic records or that tablet Tiamat gave to her most loved son or... How there is a different between fate and destiny, how fate may be changed and how the inevitable cannot. How humans creates demons and gods to eat themselves and in turn eat the demons and gods to gain power from them. How we create god and defeat them, and they bless us.

These kind of things. And I suppose, how one thing becomes another, and another becomes another. Variation. Fluidity. Emotions and ambiance and sounds of prophecy and truths between the noises of metal feathers sharp enough to cut existence itself into shape.

I can almost see a song about it.

The modern stories are too often about gain and loss. I want to read something else. Stories about foundations, about existence, about how you must break the order if you cannot stand it, and just as likely stop the chaos if you cannot stand that. How we are all gods with too many flaws and run towards our doom, laughing.

I need these kind of stories, or I'm afraid I'm going to starve.
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...Not sure if ship <> or <3. Technically it should be bromance seeing that's the entire premise and theme, but I kind of see <> in them and recently they look like <3 I don't even know. They remind me of my ocs Felix and Joel. I miss them. How many abandoned projects do I even have?

Theodore can be such a vicious guy. Wow. Vincent is... I don't know, I can only say poor guy. Their relationship remind me of friendships I've had during highschool, except that no one was a cute innocent jock in our case, and hopefully no one as vicious as Theo can be.

But Theo is a Beware the Nice One type, thankfully.
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Happy lunar new year everyone.

P.S.: If you don't usually eat something, today might not be the day to eat it. I just learned it the hard way. Don't ruin your new year and spend it in the washroom.
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Despite my frontal lobe's adamant protest, I have spent the entire after-noon reading horror manga! Now I'm not sure if I can sleep tonight.

The manga in question were mostly by Junji Ito, though there were few more even more trippy ones by others. If I say "but not even my worse nightmares have that!" it would be tempting fate (plus my nightmare of sealed in a room full of spiders was much more scary than getting chased by well-meaning vampire bats, thank you very much), but let's say that some of them use impossibly subconscious and uncommon logics.
Those ones were horrific not by being scary by itself, but by being so utterly alien that it inspires fear. They reached for the inner-most atavistic xenophobia for improbabilities and shoved it into the visual field. Like, when people think about turning manga panels 3D, how many would do it that way? If you are interested, this one is Abstraction by Kago Shintaro. It is very NOT safe for work. His works are often classified as guro (from English "gore", guro is Japanese for the genre that is gory and grotesque, often with impossibly gross body mutilation and/or transformation), so proceed at your own risk.

You can read Abstraction here, translated in English and all (not mine).

Now, for the Junji Ito ones... they are licensed, but few people still have them in their abandoned blogs. I don't want my memories of these manga resurface, I just buried them, so I'm not going to put any link. Let's just say that the earlier ones are not that scary, but later ones... Especially Amigara Fault. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

And suddenly all the SCP and creepypasta all look so sane and clean.

Edit: And apparently Kago Shintaro is popular in France. Should I be surprised?

Edit 2: Oh, and Kago's Multiplication is also hosted on Same Hat! Fine meta-horror there.


May. 6th, 2012 12:41 pm
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I was wondering why no update at many webcomics sites.

Then I remember TCAF.

I want to be there too orz Kate Beaton and Andrew Hussie are there.
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We might need a Musclebound AU for every single fandom out there. Every. Single. Fandom.

As in, everyone has muscles. Even the bees. Heck, even the grass blades must be muscular.

Men are muscular, women are muscular, children are muscular, old people are muscular, animals are muscular, birds are muscular, dinosaurs are muscular, reptiles are muscular, insects are muscular, plants are muscular, fungi are muscular and even microorganisms are... er... the equivalent of muscular.

Really, if we have AUs where everybody are cute tiny lolis, why not have AUs where everybody are big and muscular?

I know that there are already some of that, like Knock-On!, muscle parody of K-On, Muscle Monsters, muscle parody of Pokemon, and many more, but I won't mind seeing more. As long as they are tasteful, of course.
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Those potatoes I used there weren't all potatoes or something. Way too sweet. Were they white sweet potatoes? No, not sweet enough for that. Maybe hybrids? Maybe I mixed a taro in them? No way, they look way too different. Maybe I smashed some white sweet potatoes with the regular potatoes.

But whatever happened, that salad ended up sweet.

B>abilities to tell plants apart
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So... I dug it out from my old stuff. I bought it few years ago for $20. It should contain 13 sheets of 9 different varieties.

But when I opened it today, the content is all wrong. I just took it out from its plastic wrapping, so the content is 100% same of what I bought, I didn't change it without remembering.

The number of total sheets is wrong, the varieties are possibly not the same as indicated and the number of each seems to be wrong. How can they get that much wrong in one package is a mystery. Could this be a bootleg? Next time I'll make sure to buy art supplies from a less obscure art store.


Apr. 15th, 2012 06:48 pm
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Is there a mass editing option on DW? I need to lock away a bunch of old posts to specific filters, especially the ones that were merely locked to access list, they need more refined filtering now.

And is there a post about DW etiquette? I tried to Google about it, but can't seem to find it.

And how long is a "correct" length of post on DW? I know that some would consider what I'm doing microblogging at times, but in the past I've asked about a friend if my entries in general are too short and is more of twitter length, she told me that they are too long for twitter so they should stay on DW. Today I'm told by someone else that they are more of twitter length when they are about the same length, so I am confused.
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That flash file is frozen. I can't load it. And why are the pages not connected by ==> ? Why are they -- instead?

Ok, they are "tabs" in-story. What does this mean?

/resist temptation to keysmash

The Flash loaded, but I don't know how to solve the puzzle D: I must be pretty dumb or clicked something wrong and made it unsolvable or something.

And uu... so the fans were right?
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I'm wondering if I should read this series or not. It's by the author of Discstuck, so the quality must be more or less guaranteed. But it's Eridan <3 Equius, which is really not my thing.


Apr. 9th, 2012 08:33 pm
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I was supposed to help Kuruk with the full names I guess, but somehow I spent the whole day listening to Nico Nico pokemon songs and attempting to make Easter eggs.
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I've always believed that the "kagerou" in this stands for 影籠 or something similar, but turned out that it's 陽炎, so I checked it out. Well, it's no less grim. Still beautiful. I love songs with stories in them. The tone-lyrics dissonance is brilliantly grim.

Warning: gore (and I mean gore, especially if you understand what they are singing)

keyword: カゲロウデイズ

My favourite version so far is http://youtu.be/D-rY3s3tzp0

I'm going to need a shower. The smell invoked by the song is awful.
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coldhope's Discstuck drabbles. Go read them. That author blended Discworld and Homestuck seamlessly together and it's wonderful.


Apr. 7th, 2012 11:23 pm
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This Harpy Eagle there has this pattern on its legs like the skin of fish with scales removed. I can't stop thinking of delicious cooked fish skin when I look at them. Is there anywhere that sells fish skin? I want to eat some.

(Also, few days I ago I woke up wanting to eat hearts, whatever that meant. I think it was iron deficiency speaking.)

And delicious dried caterpillar snacks, deep fried cicada younglings, tempura tarantula...
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Go read it. It's the famed Chinese story's Sidney Shapiro translation in a textual Let's Read of sort. The full story is Water Margin or Outlaws of the Marsh. In French it's Au bord de l'eau, which doesn't sound very impressive.

Note: To clarify, the Chinese believed that one of the moves of a tiger is to hit with its tail like a whip. Yes, like the Pokemon move Iron Tail, but long before the game was made.

The full book was written/recorded in a way that it's best to read one chapter at time at an audience. If the wikisource version is to be believed, instead of inciting the reader to read the next chapter like the English version says, it actually said to listen to the next chapter. So reading/listening to a story was a social event in China before? That sounds pretty awesome.


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