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Very random but I want to leave the link here because N has excellent child-bearing hips here and I don't want to lose this on tumblr.
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[internal screaming]

I can't handle all the feelings!

Prof Oak was actually spoiler )

Leaf's Espeon is actually spoiler )

Also that page with Gold looking at Red... My Gold--->Red feeling are all over the place orz I need to go re-read that extra with Gold in it. Okay done read it. The way Gold looks at Red every time in this universe is killing me. Somebody write me Gold/Red please.

And Gold, why were you thinking of your dad when looking at Red in the discarded extra? Isn't daddy issues supposed to be Silver's thing? And Ruby's? And N? And... Is there a male trainer protagonist who doesn't have daddy issues in Pokemon? Any trainer?

Anyway, Link to chapter 4:

Link to the old discarded extra with Gold in it:

long incoherent shipping rant below )
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W-what is this Hetalia AU? It looks amazing.

Derived from 【APヘタリアMMD】ANTI THE∞HOLiC【人力+MMD合作】: nico youtube

England kissing the skeleton was... woah. Necrophilia has never looked so good.
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Sadly, you have to buy it to read it full.

The preview is here:

700 Yen for this chapter of 60 pages. 500 Yen for each of the previous chapters, minus the pilot that is not available. I wonder how expensive it'll become on Internet auctions?

王者の祭典 is the keyword to use on pixiv if you want to search for the series. This artist's works are awesome. His artist ID on pixiv is 411252 if you want to see all his works.
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I'm so happy! I just read some excellent Johto trio doujinshi and they are so cute! It's kind of sad whenever Silver's involved though.

In one it's PokeSpe-verse. Silver and Blue part ways because Blue is going back to her parents. Silver didn't know his parents then, so he was alone. Gold found him and invited him home where Silver got to live as an ordinary boy for some time and Gold's mom treated him like her own son, but Silver knew he didn't belong and left in search of his real parents. The end is sort of No End with Gold and Crystal talking.

It gave off a very strong James + Sirius vibes IMO. I wanna read Harry Potter parents generation doujinshi now. In retrospection, maybe that was why I liked Silver so much: he was a bit like Sirius Black, being the rebellious son from an evil family, escaped to get his own life, found a friend in the Chaotic Good (somewhat, but still a jerk and not always nice) alignment, sentenced to prison (Sirius)/almost sentenced to prison (Silver), saved by a little boy arguably in the Chaotic Good alignment (Harry/Gold), a person related to the evil family he once had kills (in Sirius's case)/handicapped (in Silver's case, blinded and muted). Both had long hair at one point and short in others. Both are bit of deadpan snarkers. Both had history of non-human intelligent animals abuse. And actually, I believe the only reason Silver isn't dead yet is because it's a comic book for children (and that it got cut off before he could). And both are Gryffindor who tend to act like Slytherin. Sirius turns into a black dog and Silver was seen with a houndoom in the official art for the games.

In another it's ambiguously PokeSpe-verse and school AU. Silver tend to have different personality than his PokeSpe or games counterparts when it's school AU, probably because he gets a more normal life there so his personality tend to be more normal and less extreme/violent. In fact, he tend to be the calmest of the three in school AUs (but still bicker and fight with Gold). He's also the less visibly delinquent of the three. And Gold... I love when he wears hairclips. And of course when Yellow shows up wearing skirt over pants, Gold has to be the one making her show more legs (the result: white thigh-high socks + mini skirt = grade A zettai ryouki! No, he didn't say that, I did). Next he's planning to make her wear mini-skirt over black pantyhose... And try to make Silver wear the same (immediately turned down).

It's funny how Red's cellphone background is Green in maid dress and Gold has one of Silver waking up in the morning. They really love playing with their rivals (as in, pushing the boundary of their self-respect).

There's another doujinshi called 36 celsius, which is the only shipping doujin of the three with Gold/Silver. It wasn't very plausible to me so I just replaced Gold and Silver with Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus in my head. It sort of worked. Seriously, if the slashed couple are boys, make them act like boys! Not lesbians in boys' bodies.
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Silver's Christmas Celebration was the 24th. I missed it again OTZ

The pixiv tag for this year's Silver's Christmas Celebration is シルバー聖誕祭2011
Last year's is シルバー聖誕祭

I'm really disappointed. The Gold&Ruby Fes had much better quality pictures than this. The first シルバー聖誕祭 had better pictures than this. This year's... pas regardable *facepalm*

Good Silver Fes pictures from the first year (シルバー聖誕祭 tag):

(Johto Trio/OT3 fan comic, highly recommended)

(warning, minor Green x Silver)

Nota bene: Both Silver's Christmas Celebration and Gold&Ruby Fes are limited to the Pokemon Special (known as Pokemon Adventures in English) universe, not the gameverse. "Silver" gives the PokeSpe character and the Sonic character when used as tag. If you are searching for the game Silver, try "Rival" in phonetics.

I wonder if there are Digimon celebrations? I think it should be the time for one, but I cannot remember which so I don't know what tag to use...
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July is Ruby and Gold's birth month, so there is a pixiv project/festival/celebration for it again. So I clicked on the tag and found this:

What. The. Fuck.

*cries on a pillow*

I'm scared ToT

Question: where are the old Gold&Ruby shippy fanarts? Do they get deleted after a year?


May. 18th, 2011 11:18 pm
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I just learnt that some of the pokemon fanarts and fancomics I saw were drawn by KL. There was some rather NC-17 ones. I knew that she was quite a perv long time ago, but I didn't realise it was her and didn't know she's drawn something that NSFW. It wasn't on her DA, but on her pixiv alright. What happened to her DA anyway?

Her pixiv is id=145719. Six digits... but starts with 1. So she's joined later than kurot, but still pretty old there. And man the number of arts she submitted there is phenomenal.
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I was reading Gold --> Red fan comic (illust_id=11396053) on pixiv and suddenly I noticed the name 黒兎 in the daily ranking bar when I went to the author's page. I was all like "omg Kurot?!" so I clicked on it. It has Altona Braver stuff in it. Yep, it's kurot alright. What shocks me even more is that her id number is id=42675. Only 5 digits. That's means that she's a really old member there. I didn't even know.


May. 14th, 2011 01:24 pm
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id=1178328 has rocket!Red fancomics. I was worried that it might be another no-yay-tastic Giovanni x Red one, but I was wrong. The no-yay flag is instead on Bill x Red. I guess that's slightly better.


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