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I remember a show (no longer remember if it was a movie or a TV series), in live action, that was about a woman's dog that transform into a human male once a while (some kind of dogwere? like a werewolf, but is a dog that periodically turns into a human instead). What was its name again? It was in Chinese with English subtitle if I remember well, so I'm guess that it was a Hong Kong movie, but when I Google "dog turn into human" it gives me "man turn into dog" instead.

I miss that show.

It was a romantic comedy that turned into tragedy unless I missed the true end. The story was that woman's dog (small, bag-sized, black with some white, long hair) turned human (though can still understand dogs) to be the woman's emotional support of sort, unless she met him after this condition (I either don't remember the beginning or I have never watched it from the beginning). Eventually the woman fell in love with that kind young man, but spoiler )
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Scam or not, fatal or not, I cannot risk letting the light pass only because someone suspects it's a scam. It's better be safe than sorry. She needs help and strangers will help her.

You don't have to donate. Just buy something from the friends who are selling things for her. philophile and sarubaby from tumblr for example are selling chibi commissions for outrageously low prices. There are many, many others doing the same and this is a cross-fandom activity, meaning that you can get fanarts or originals, and if fanart it can be a variety of works, including Supernatural and Homestuck. Not only there are art commissions, there are physical objects being sold too, like lolita dresses if I'm not mistaken. Go and buy something. If you can't, at least pass the words.
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Wow, that was fast. A flash game to mock SOPA.

And another one here (but more like an interactive storytelling than game):
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I felt like that I haven't done much things yet.

Let's see...

I haven't gone to watch the new Sherlock movie at the theatre.

I haven't worked on my novels (I wonder if I will ever work on them).

I'm not done studying for the driver's test (theory part), though it should be done tomorrow.

I haven't even started my submission for threadless.

I haven't finished my submission for the comic contest in the province.

I have done:
I carved a dragon, its flaming orb thing and general New Year message on a giant citrus. With a block print knife. My parents didn't believe I could do it until I did. Take that.
I have finished all the fic exchanges/promised gift fics.
I studied for the driving test.
I played Swords and Potions and reached the 1M milestone!
I baked breads, twice, and succeeded both times. The first I liked but my bird didn't because it had garlic in it (another proof that my bird is not-so-secretly a vampire). The second my bird loved it, but he's not getting enough so tomorrow I'll heat up some more for him.
I ate enough jellyfish. Crispy, chewy, jelly goodness. Japan was stupid not trying to fix their jellyfish problem by having everybody eat them.
I showed off my hidden skills with chocolate oranges. I didn't know I would have a chance to show them off. Years of chocolate oranges whacking did pay off (okay, that must be one of the most useless skill I have ever trained but whatever it was fun).
I made many holiday cards with rubber block print. I want to try linoleum now, but can't find them (not the right size).

What made me happy:
It snowed on/for Christmas.
Dad bought me the Kitchenaid stand mixer. Now I won't tire myself out when I make breads.
I made the holiday cards in time. Thanks for the help, lunatique!
The Swords and Potions guild I'm in right now is very active.
Dad let me buy a pot of paperwhite narcissus. They are growing well. Sadly, we won't be able to see them often because they are toxic and we are hiding them so Jules won't eat them out of curiosity. I'm thinking of pressing them into bookmarks once they are blooming, but because of the bell-shape it's going to be hard. Would glazing them with varnish work too? Or will they just rot inside the varnish?
Bought a boxful of quail eggs. Trying to figure out how to eat them. Marinate, hard-boiled or mini-omelettes? Or quail egg pancakes?

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I have no idea who designed this thing. Normal pants have pockets on the sides. This one has pocket between the crotch and the sides in a way that when you put something in, the item falls to the crotch area. Imagine, you go to skiing to tubing in nighttime and you keep a cellphone or a pocketlight in your pants and it sticks out there. That's... Urg. I understand that it's to avoid the uncomfort of having something hard hurting the wearer's sides when doing a S turn down a double diamond or something, but it's not that much better when the hard thing is in the crotch. Can't the pockets be on the front of the thighs?

I like the rest of the pants though, so I'll just keep them and not use the pockets.
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I just found out that once an alcohol based marker goes over a pencil line, it's not erasable anymore. Why didn't anyone tell me that before (or maybe someone like lunatique did but I forgot).
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That's it. No more intensive linocut + printing in winter. If I want to make them, I better do them in the summer. The printing is horribly long. When I just started it seemed that carving was the long part and printing was the short part, but now it's the other way around.

Now the important parts. Printing with the specialised block printing ink is still the best. Trying with acrylic works, but it's hard. Why? Normal (used in this experiement: Pebeo high viscosity acrylics, no medium used) acrylics dry up way too fast for the same thickness of ink, which means it could be dry before I manage to apply the inked block to paper. It's also slightly harder to wash off than block printing ink, but not significantly.

Also, I suck at using x-acto knife for some reason. I can't cut the paper straight even after folding them. Maybe my hand-eye coordination is gay (sorry, worst joke ever). Really, I can cut according to a curve line relatively fine, but I can't cut straight, not even with a ruler (I'll just end up cutting the ruler).
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I don't know what's wrong with the male guppies, but I found more of them, all dried up, on the floor. The female ones are staying in the tank fine and are having babies. All the dried guppies I found were male. Zero female died this way from this tank, unless they did and Jules ate their remains and only ate the female ones. Someone explain to me the logic behind this phenomenon? The tank is running out of male guppies here.

The two catfish... One of them is dead, having been sick for days. The other is alive and healthy. I have seen him (I think it's a him? maybe it's a her, I'm not good with catfish's gender) the first time for many months since we moved here and gave them a piece of wood to hide behind and aquatic plants to hide the guppies. Probably because it's a nocturnal species. Which makes me wonder what I was thinking when I bought them, as what is the point of buying ornamental fish that show up only when it's dark enough for us to be blind and when it's tank cleaning time?
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Because I'm studying empathy for tomorrow's exam, somehow I remembered a story where the protagonist was a huge dick with no empathy whatsoever (except maybe for his own family, but that was his family so it was the strict minimum) and was super egocentric on top of being a backstabber.

[I can't remember his name, so let's just call him the man or hunter] is poor and his wife had to gather weeds (not marijuana, weeds as in grass-like plants that are not planted by humans and grow in yards and farms, as in dandelion) to eat in order to not starve to death. Their toddler child is crying from the hunger. He wants to change their situation so he sets on a journey (I thought he was a hunter? why doesn't he try to do his job?). He sees a giant serpent trapped under an ant nest blocking his way. The serpent tells him that it cannot move because of the ants and begged the hunter to remove the nest of the ants for it (you know, snakes have no hands to do that, the hunter have and if he did that they both win and it's not like the ants are going to die, they just relocate). The hunter tells the serpent that he's busy so can it just let him pass and he'll get back to it later? The serpent nods and let him pass (wow, and it didn't even ask why is he busy). Then the hunter sees two mountains fighting, butting their head so the road was blocked. They notice the hunter and ask him to be the judge to who should stand there and who should leave (in a more violent version, to kill its enemy mountain). Again the hunter tells them that he's busy and will get back to them later. Finally the hunter found an old man who told him that gold and silver are hidden under the serpent and the mountains. So the hunter went back, killed them all (really, he killed the serpent, the ants, the two mountains) and told his wife to come dig with him (I don't remember the mention of the child here, did the child starve to death? I think in some versions the child worked with them after he grew up, but in another there was no mention of the child anymore). They couldn't find anything after extended digging, so they make the places farmlands instead, seeing the soil was loose from all the digging and fit for farms. They cultivate cotton and maize (where did they get the seeds? in some versions it was not mentioned, in others the hunter threw the bones of the serpent or the fangs of the serpents or other things like that and they just grew into plants for magical reasons) and at the end of the year there was a harvest. The old man came to visit and the hunter reproaches the old man for lying to him (it's an old man, shouldn't you serve him tea first? maize make excellent tea), but the old man smiles and point at the heaps of maize and cotton: aren't these your gold and silver?

And thus the nation of [I can't remember which one, but I think it's an Asian one, not a very big one though?] was born. The hunter and his wife was the ancestors of [whatever that nation was].

I can't help but wanting to yell at the hero. The giant serpent and the mountains were really kind to him. They were all stronger than the hunter and could've abused their power to make hunter help them or at least refuse to let him pass until he helps, but were really nice and let hunter pass first and trusted him to come back and help. Then the hunter came back and sneak attacked them (it's not just my personal interpretation, on the illustrations the serpent and the mountains had the surprised face, they really didn't expect him to kill them).

Seriously. If he only killed the mountains and it was in the violent version, he could've said that brothers who try to kill each other do not deserve mercy or something like that and it'll be somewhat justified. But the serpent? It wanted to move away. If he just helped it it'll move away anyway, and by itself so he wouldn't need to move it himself (no, he didn't eat it, I don't know why). It was justified somewhat in the version where its bones were the seeds of cotton and maize, but he didn't even know that, he only knew that there was treasure under it. Mostly importantly, the serpent and the mountains were kind to him and trusted him, why was he so cruel to them? Why did he have to betray their kindness and trust? He did not only hurt them, he killed them. Knowing that many Asian foundation legends (not creation legends), the serpent and the mountains represented other nations/tribes. Those nations let a stranger cross their lands, completely trusting, only to have the nation they gave free pass destroy them after agreeing to help them. It happens just too often in History, but seriously. The moral of the story was to backstab your friends for power and land, and never trust a stranger. Useful, maybe, but it makes me lose hope on humanity.
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Knows self to be lying and lies: to lie, a lie
Doesn't know self to be lying but lies: to confabulate, confabulation, "honest lie"
Knows self to be misguiding and tells truth in a way that it becomes a lie in the listener's mind: <--- what is the name for this? TV Tropes used to call this a Jedi Truth, but what's the actual word?
Doesn't know self to be misguiding and tells the truth, but becomes a lie in the listener's mind: a misunderstanding
Thinks self to be lying but tells the truth without knowing: <--- what is the word? as seen in Wilde's The Importance of being Ernest.
Knows the truth and tells the truth: to tell, a truth
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Just deleted some drafts of pokemon fic from this account as well as from computer. Is there a mass delete function? It's tiresome doing it one by one.

The pokemon big bang masterlist is gone too, going to have to remake one.

My Top 3's

Oct. 4th, 2010 09:07 pm
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Making a list to keep track of who I am and what I like.

Top 3 Novels:
1. Good Omens
2. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
3. Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair's Youth
Honourable Mention: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (but I'm planning to read The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul so I don't know which one will stay.)

Top 3 Live Action Movies:
1. The legend of pianist on the ocean (known here as The Legend of 1900, which is actually made in 1998)
2. MirrorMask (2005) + Batman: The Dark Knight
3. Nothing (It's the name of the movie. Made in Canada 2003)

Top 3 Latin American Comics and Graphic Novels:
1. The Sandman
2. Y: The Last Man
3. WE3

Top 3 Webcomics:
1. Gunnerkrigg Court
2. Dresden Codak
3. Hero (the one by Hwei, with the boy and a demon with a motorcycle named Duck)

Top 3 Manga:
1. Monster
2. The Funeral Procession of K
3. Clover
(If Honeydew Syndrome is more of a manga, it goes to Honourable Mention here, but it is actually a hybrid crossed with western graphic novel instead of pure manga... But you nkow which one I'd like to put here or at the Graphic Novels 3rd place? Nuu's Merlin mafia!AU.)

Top 3 Songs:
(can't choose, too unstable)

Top 3 Japanese Animations:
1. Summer Wars + The Girl who Leapt through Time
2. Digimon the movie: Children's War Game (I know, it wasn't that well done... but you know, childhood.)
3. Miyazaki movies

Top 3 Western Animations:
1. Ryan
2. Wall-E
2. (can't decide which one goes here... nothing particularly stands out like the other two)

Top 3 Food:
1. Lasagna (home-made)
2. Apple (the sweet, crispy and juicy ones, not the sour ones)
3. Seafood (I love fish and shrimps. I love having them as pets and I love eating them.)

Top 3 Drinks:
1. Litchi and red wine cocktail (does it have a name?)
2. Orange juice and light beer
3. Home-made smoothie

Top 3 Animals to have as Pets:
1. Shrimps
2. Fish
3. Small Parrots
Honourable Mention: Cats.


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