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The hiatus finally ended! About time too, because landwalker's Yellow Nuzlocke has just entered hiatus (because of the artist going to his military service... hope he'll do fine) and pettyartist's Nuzlocke... will she still update them? I need to see the character development of Gary's arm dammit (it makes sense in context).

Hey, Soul Sister! is here:

(It's a Soul Silver run, in case you're wondering. Soul Sister. Soul Silver. SS. Get it?)
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(I'm not pasting the link here. Just feed the keywords to Google.)


It's finished. There. No second run or the Champion battle. Just one extra battle (and what an awesome battle it was!) after Ghetsis and it's The End.

Who's the "he"? I suppose it's the boyfriend of the female!Ara. But Nonparael wasn't telling, so it could be Nine as well.

Now to wait for him to finish Dissonance, Game of Chance and Moemon LeafGreen.
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petty is working on her original,Boy Witch Takato, instead of HG Nuzlocke. While the WBT is probably going to be fun, it sucks really hard to have HG stopped at prologue. If it didn't start it would be better, but sine we had a prologue we are left hanging at what will happen. What will happen to Locke's LG team? Who will be Red? What happens with Gary's arm? Give us the rest of the story please T__T

Oh well, she'll post them when she wants to do. I'm going to distract myself with something now. Anything.

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What the heck was that? I think I'll continue avoiding Glee.

Also, when will we be able to read pettyartist's HGSS Nuzlocke run? I'm really looking forwards to Gary with a prosthetic arm, new rival Silver (which could lead to paradox) and Locke/Red paradox. And pole-dancing stripper Giovanni. Silver, stop your dad before he gets arrested! Wait, HGSS is where Silver strips the protagonist naked right? Er... Don't rush at getting arrested, you worst father-and-son criminal team in Pokemon history D:

Edit: Someone pointed out that her Silver doesn't look like a girl. It's true. I think I can count the number of artist who don't draw Silver like a girl (and that I saw) on a single hand. One, two, three... She's the third. That's including the official art. In fact, the earlier design of Silver at Game Freak was girly too. It was only from HGSS that Silver stopped looking like a girl, but it's kind of late as the girl!Silver was already in our shared memory. Wow.

Edit 2: Nevermind, I stared more at her Silver and noticed that he doesn't look like a guy either. This guy fails at looking like a guy D8 I blame the GSC time.
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Some of them were on steroids or something. I'm tempted to do my own nuzlocke run. Gotta practice drawing muscles first.


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