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The new Homestuck album there. Gold Mage's track art. It's Gemini and bifurcation, but it also looks like Janus, hinting the Doom part as well. Amazing. If that was intentional, my hats to the artist.

And all the musics are so good!

In Gold Pilot you can hear the rushing of liquid inside your guts. As if the listener is hooked to tubes like the Helmsman. But explain to me why is the music suddenly happy in the latter half? Is it hinting at something? Is there a fanfiction for it?
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Um... Remember how I said I'm dumping the John/Karkat ship? Today I listened to Downtime, the fan mix of their respective battle theme, Showtime and Showdown. I fell in love with that music. By themselves, Showtime and Showdown are a bit... bland to me. But once mixed into Downtime it feels much more well-rounded and complete.

So yeah, now I'm shipping their battle themes. Showtime/Showdown. Which doesn't make sense as they aren't even characters. They are not even exactly leitmotifs. They are freaking battle themes. And their child music, Downtime, isn't even an official music.

Showtime <3 Showdown!

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I found a bonus track to Ghost in the Shell SAC Original Soundtrack 1 CD and... It's a woman singing in Cantonese to what sounds like sparkling Japanese anime music. Desk, do you mind if I bang my head against you?

/cries in a corner


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