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Ok, I just realised that several stories I wrote on my laptop were not archived in this blog and not in flash memory. Especially the one about a robot girl in a space station waiting for her human father's return (eventually she knew he would not return, but she waited anyway and painted flowers). I can't remember their names and I can't remember the flower. I don't think I showed it to anyone, but lunatique, if you saw it on my old blog or something please tell me the name of the flower? Somehow it feels important.

I wonder if I should try to get the old files out of the dead laptop.
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Yue, remember the sci-fi story I told you about? Today I saw this graphic novel that's exactly what I had in mind. The world and the concept, at least. Humans going to be extinct. One man decided that humans should go extinct. Left legacy in machines. Machines saw humans as parents. Machines evolved in outer space. Machines rebuild humans out of remains. Of course, the individuals are not the same, but the world is practically the same. And I'm sure that there was no communications between Boichi and I.

It's kind of like a miracle, how we humans think alike.

Of course, my world 1/sci-fi reservoir has evolved into something distinctively different now. It's very organic-looking. I like that. The Slicoids are pretty nifty.
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Extrait de la vie II )

This is what evolved into manifold 1, btw.


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