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I have finally decided to tackle it. Looks like I must be half-blind because I only succeeded with the help of Ctrl + F.

solution )

Read it here:
It is one of the best Inception fanfics I have read.
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There's an Inception Big Bang but I didn't know and now they are at round 2 already. AND THEY ALLOW CROSSOVERS TOO. But, the word count is minimum 15k, which is even harder than the Pokemon one (or not, since it's about dreams and you can waste as many words as you want on the dreams). They also do the writer and omni-artist thing, meaning if you're artist you can do pretty much whatever you want.

I hope I can remember to check this out again next time and that it'll still allow crossovers. Come on, who doesn't like Inception/Sandman crossover? In fact, I'm even hoping to do a Inception/Source Code crossover.
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Title: Loaded Totems
Fandom: Inception (2010 film)
Pairings: Cobb's spinning top/Arthur's loaded die, Arthur/Ariadne
Disclaimer: Cobb, Arthur and their totems are not mine, blablahblah.
Warning: Very weird.
Timeframe: After the movie.

"What's in this?" Ariadne asks. The 'this' a very small box that arrived by mail. She turns it over. It's from Cobb, to Arthur.
"Cobb's past." Arthur says as he takes out the item in the box. It's the spinning top Cobb used as his totem.
"He actually thinks about his former teammate more than I thought." Ariadne giggles. Arthur stops her with a kiss. He puts the spinning top in his pocket with his own totem, looks in the mirror to make sure he's looking neat and walks out of the door. He then locks the door and takes Ariadne's hand. It'll be a date at opera house.

The opera is fascinating for... opera lovers, but to the totems, it means nothing. They are just objects. However, if you believe, objects do dream. It's not a dream you can perform extraction or inception on. The only layer it has is the limbo.

In the dream of the totems, the spinning top is a woman. Or the equivalent of a woman. The first person who imprinted an image on it is, after all, Mrs. Cobb. She doesn't look or act exactly like Mal or her projection, thankfully. She looks like a combination of Mr. and Mrs. Cobb, with the handsomeness of both, worry of Dominic and detachment of Mallorie. She leans carelessly against the loaded die and relaxed.

The loaded die is, following the same logic, a man or the equivalent of. He looks mostly like Arthur, but also looks a little bit like Eames and a tiny bit like Cobb. And a micro bit like Ariadne. He seems to be not very happy that the totem leaning against him is not Ariadne's modified chess piece.

"Come on," the spinning top says to the die, "sit up straighter. You're a very bad pillow."

"I don't think there's a 'straight' to me. Unlike you, my sides all measure the same. You can say that I'm always sitting straight." The die answers.

"Then let's dance." The top suggests, starting to spin.

"I'm not very good at spinning, I'm a loaded die, cubic and uneven in weight distribution." The die says as he tries to stand up and spin. It's hard.

"Here, hold on my hand."

"I'll make you fall."

"You won't. This is a dream. I won't fall. Ever."

Two totems dances on the seashore of Limbo. The waves cheers for them as they spin, and spin, and spin for-ever.


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