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I saw this quote when surfing the net today:
“The human race, to which so many of my readers belong, has been playing at children’s games from the beginning, and will probably do it till the end, which is a nuisance for the few people who grow up.” — The Napoleon of Notting Hill – G. K. Chesterton

Is that what PTerry and GNeil were talking about in Good Omens? The G.K Chesterton dedication before the story begins.
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Gold, what the heck? Not only that was playing dirty, that was sexual harassment.

And why so little A.J. Crowley action in the meme? Isn't this a great opportunity to taint souls? Piss off a soul by winning, and the soul goes off venting his rages on others, tainting more.
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lunatique, do you know that when I google "fuck yeah good omens", your dreamwidth is on the first page? :D
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...because this is a pokeprompt, but I'm using it for Good Omens and stuff as well.

Prompt: Never regret anything because at one point it was exactly what you wanted.

Self-imposed theme: apple

In order, the fics are of Good Omens, The Sandman and Pokemon.
Three flash fics below )
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Found it somewhere on the Internet. Trying it out.

1 用平时的文风写一个CP的一个场景吧

She wishes she remembers. She doesn't.

Of course.

This "her" isn't her "her".

But it will not stop her from loving her.

Comment: Oh gods, I can't get lesbians out of my mind now.

2 用小学生说话的风格(就是流水帐)写一个CP的一个场景吧

My family is daddy, mommy, Dog and me.

Today mommy cried. Daddy patted her shoulders and her red hair. She talked about war.

Dog and me stayed outside their room. And when mommy stopped crying she came out of the room and we ate ice cream.

Comment: Good Omens will never drop off my favourite reads list.

3 用死蠢欢乐的文风写一个CP的一个场景吧

"Red my dearest~"
"Green my darling~"

Then came the physical contact. Pikachu and Eevee jumped off their human just in time. Both humans spat out a tooth.


But it's alright. Teeth were easily replaceable with modern technology. With that in mind, the boys lunge forward to deliver another blow. The rest of their pokemons growled and howled inside their pokeballs, but the trainers ignored them in the heat of their battle.

Seriously, why letting the pokemons have all the fun?

Comment: Stupid and happy enough, right?

4 用虐的、文艺的文风写一个CP的一个场景吧

Et la tempête s'arrêta, soudainement, brusquement, comme une vie qui s'expira.

Comme une vie qui s'expira.

Adam Young était puissant. Mais il était néanmoins un homme. Un mortel.

«Allez,» dit-il alors que la dernière goutte de pluie tomba, «restez amis... et ne vous battez pas.» Il toussa, puis ajouta «j'en ai marre de vous voir ainsi.»

Et l'Antichrist, l'Adversaire, le Destructeur des rois, Ange de l'abîme, la Grande Bête appelé Dragon, Prince de ce monde, Père des mensonges, Fils de Satan, Seigneur des ténèbres quitta son enveloppe mortelle.

Alors que le soleil illumina le visage de ce qui était Adam, il plut sur le visage de Pepper.

Comment: If I keep writing like this I'd punch myself.

5 用新华社的风格写一个CP的一个场景吧


Because trainers start their travel alone at a young age, combined with the fact that most trainer families are monoparental, the young trainers do not have sufficient exposure to adequate role model for romance. Therefore, many cannot distinguish between different type of love and mistake their bond with same-sex as romance. There is also a worrying number of male trainers leaving their non-trainer wife behind to embark in new adventures. Psychologists suggest having young trainers travel in small groups, to cultivate strong bonds, enable healthy mental growth and doubles as safety measure.

Comment: I don't read that newspaper so I just used whatever newspaper style.

6 用童话(功力足够的话暗黑系欢迎)的风格写一个CP的一个场景吧

Once upon a time, there was a little garden called Eden. An angel guarded the Eastern Gate with a flaming sword that turned in all directions. All was well.

One day, a serpent came and told Eve, the first woman, to eat the forbidden fruit. Unable to resist temptation, she did, and gave the fruit to her husband as well.

And the first human couple was chased out of Eden.

On the same day, the Angel of Eastern gate misplaced his sword. Oh well.

That sank like a lead balloon, didn't it?

The Angel of Eastern Gate stopped being the Angel of Eastern Gate. And the serpent, no longer useful in that serpentine form, gave up his name as well.

Thousands of years later, an angel and a demon chatted over wine, angel cake and devilled eggs.

Comment: I'm sure that angel cake and devilled eggs shouldn't be eaten with wine, but whatever.

7 用悬疑的风格写一个CP的一个场景吧

The crime scene was, to say the least, messy. A hand and forearm rested on top of a small desk; pen still in hand, as the pen pierced the hand like a nail. One of the legs, the one that looked like if it was torn off, was under the bed, next to boxes of files and Playboy magazines. The head of the man was hung high on the ceiling by his own entrails. The remaining body stayed on a sitting position on the bed, the emptied torso wide open and painted inside, like a triptych.

Green and Gold took a deep breath.

On the wall, behind the man's corpse, was written in black paint: We will be back. And in red paint: R



Inside the dead man's hand, the one that's still attached to his body, was a swirl of red hair.

No, Gold thought, please, it can't be true. Images of Silver filled his mind. He remembered the conversation they had few days ago, while they embraced, just before Silver had to disappear again.

With a gloved hand, Green extracted an envelop from under the dismembered forearm. There was a letter inside. It read: We will have our prince also.

Gold collapsed.

Comment: PokeSpe + Film noir! The dead body thing was inspired by a Mother Goose nursery rhythm I read. The heck they used to sing to children.

8 用韩剧(狗血)的风格写写看?

Cancer. Why did it have to be cancer?

"Are you sure, doctor?" Gold inquired.

The answer was affirmative.

"Are you freaking kidding? We fought for so long, survived for so long... only to be beaten by cancer?!"

Crystal, with tears in her eyes, stopped Gold.

"It's alright. It'll be alright..."
"It will not! How can it be alright? It's just not right! We fought Team Rocket, we fought Team Galactic... heck, we have survived clashing with Arceus, but now you are going to die from cancer? It's just not fair..."

Comment: Sorry, but all I remember from Korean dramas is that characters somehow always get cancer or other chronicle illness at some point.
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Crowley looking up, coloured )
I think I have improved. Going to draw Aziraphale when I'm feeling less lazy.


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