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I saw a black cricket that looked like a big black ant in the garden. I searched for "cricket ant mimicry" and "cricket looks like an ant" but did not see it. Unless it's an ant mimicking a cricket?
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The grubs don't look as healthy as before, but they are still biting my strawberries. What they seem to be doing is bite one, falls off from the caffeine, roll away a bit, wake up later and bite another strawberry. That's... are they developing a resistance to caffeine? They should be too stoned to eat anything!

I'm going to try getting black coffee or dark chocolate.

Tea works!

Jun. 26th, 2011 09:29 pm
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Tea works fine as a pesticide it seems. The experimental group survived intact or with only a faint bite mark. The control group were heavily bitten and rotting. Tea used: Pu'erh au café. Now applying the same tea to all strawberries and tomatoes as preventive measure.
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My beautiful strawberries are being eaten by grubs. Planning to get a cup of black coffee and pour them on the plant.
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The dianthus disc we planted around our tree has lost another third. If this keeps up we won't have any dianthus flower left next time. The remaining third are blooming charmingly, I wonder if I should cut them and put them in vase before they got cut/stolen/I-don't-know-what-happened-to-them again.
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Plus I dreamt of endless dandelion growing here and there...

Sadly, the first thing I saw this morning when looking outside was a dandelion flower. So I really didn't dig them all out. Or did it grow overnight?
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I saw a really fat caterpillar that scared my father from the sheer size of it, many multi-legged bugs that curl into a ball when disturbed, a pink centipede (probably because it's young), a large snail, a big fat really cute spider, many smaller spiders, a golden coloured tiny bug and other bugs. Yes, I sort of like bugs (as long as they are not running over me, of course).

I hope the bulbs I dug up and just shoved back into the ground at another location would survive (I didn't even take the time to make sure they are the right side up...).

I hope it's alright to plant strawberries in the ground where the previous occupant was eaten by white worms. If the strawberries are looking down I'll pour them coffee to kill the bugs. I don't want to kill the cute spiders by accident though... Spiders won't drink the coffee I hope?

Dug up all the weed that look like dandelion. At first I wanted to eat them, but then I noticed that there are at least 3 different kind of them and I'm not sure if they are all edible, so I threw them out. Plus the ones dug from the front yard looked like if they were badly drawn, unlike the pretty ones from the back yard. Of course, I put them in a plastic bag so they won't grow out again.

I hope the huge caterpillar is fine. I want to see huge butterflies in my yard.


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