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I just learned that the 軒轅劍 series has a parrot as character. Not a humanoid parrot, but a bird-shaped parrot. And a country of parrots. Intelligent, proud parrots. Like, instead of elves they have parrots. The recurring parrot character, 疾鹏, is a general that controls a bronze mecha.

Where can I find that game? It's made in Taiwan apparently.

Edit: There's another named parrot character named 多鵬. Cute sunny head~
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It's... I think explaining would ruin it, so you better play it yourself. This is one of the art games that makes you think and feel instead of grinding and scoring. There is a voice, manipulative but claims to love you, that orders you around during the whole game. You can choose to obey or disobey. With every choice the scenery changes. What to feel depends on the individual.
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To play on Kongregate:
To play on Armor Games:

Remember the vertical scroller shoot'em up games like Ikaruga back when we were young? This is a meta of it: it starts as lego blocks in a board, then chalk figures on a green board, and so on as you upgrade the graphics. It's not just the graphics or your battleship: you have to buy and upgrade everything, including the save system, menu, copyright, music, mute button, logo, etc. Of course, you also upgrade your battleship. The money for battleship and money for game upgrade are the same, making the meta aspect of it every more obvious and the game even more awesome. It's like an upgraded version of fourth wall breaking or something.


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