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...I wonder if there is a way to eat them. Maybe I'll just panini them and eat them like that.

UPDATE: Do not panini fried seitan. It is awful. The oil comes out and gets a hint of unpleasant bitterness to it. It's better to eat them just like that cold than to panini them.
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Those potatoes I used there weren't all potatoes or something. Way too sweet. Were they white sweet potatoes? No, not sweet enough for that. Maybe hybrids? Maybe I mixed a taro in them? No way, they look way too different. Maybe I smashed some white sweet potatoes with the regular potatoes.

But whatever happened, that salad ended up sweet.

B>abilities to tell plants apart


Apr. 7th, 2012 11:23 pm
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This Harpy Eagle there has this pattern on its legs like the skin of fish with scales removed. I can't stop thinking of delicious cooked fish skin when I look at them. Is there anywhere that sells fish skin? I want to eat some.

(Also, few days I ago I woke up wanting to eat hearts, whatever that meant. I think it was iron deficiency speaking.)

And delicious dried caterpillar snacks, deep fried cicada younglings, tempura tarantula...
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I know 3 things about it right now:

1. It is tasty.
2. I got sick with a sinus infection the day after eating it, but it's probably unrelated.
3. I don't know if it's just like that in French, but the French translation it employs for "extra kick" is «je-ne-sais-quoi» (lit. I-don't-know-what). Really. In context, it says: "These delicious Garden Salsa flavoured SunChips multigrain snacks are the perfect blend of whole grains mixed with zesty tomato flavours to provide you with a little extra kick for the perfect chip." in English while the French version of the same thing is written as «Ces délicieuses collations multigrains SunChips à saveur de salsa jardinère consitituent un mélange parfait de grains entiers et d'arômes relevés de tomates pour vous offrier ce petit je-ne-sais-quoi qui rend ces croutilles parfaites.» I don't know, did the translator have trouble translating "extra kick" and someone just put the unfinished translation on the bag, or is it just like that in French? And why such a chunky sentence?

But who cares, it was tasty.
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Pour une raison inexpliquée, les boulettes de viande semblent déplacer un volume de soupe supérieur à leur volume apparent.

Parce qu'elles et la soupe ne rentraient pas dans le contenant plus gros et je ne voulais pas utiliser un deuxième contenant, j'avais bu le reste. C'était deux bols. Immédiatement après souper.

Je n'ai pas beaucoup de gros bon sens, ai-je? (mal au ventre)
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Remind to NOT steam 5 eggs and eat them all in one meal. Plus I ate nothing else, so I fell like vomiting wet chicks now.


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