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...because this is a pokeprompt, but I'm using it for Good Omens and stuff as well.

Prompt: Never regret anything because at one point it was exactly what you wanted.

Self-imposed theme: apple

In order, the fics are of Good Omens, The Sandman and Pokemon.
Three flash fics below )
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Exercise: write a pokemon battle )


Author's comments (on the fic):
Well, it is kind of tedious, isn't it? I guess that's why most fanfic writers just leave out the battle part or cut it short. And I didn't really get their personality right.

Author's rants (on pokemon data):
The pokemon stats, skills and descriptions are freaking contradictory. Dragonite and Garchomp are said to be some super speed pokemon, yet they cannot learn extremespeed naturally. In order to have an extremespeed dratini/dragonair/dragonite one has to either get the one from the dragon's den elder in Crystal or chain breed it. Somehow, arcanine, a pokemon said to be very fast and has extremespeed, has very low base speed. Crobat and weavile has way higher base speed than dragonite, garchomp and arcanine, yet cannot learn extremespeed. Yes, three pokemons known for their high speed are, in game, slower than a bat. Dratini's signature move is supposed to dragonbreath according to its description, yet it can no longer learn the move by level up or by TM, having to learn it from breeding or dream world. Garchomp is supposed to be able to fly, yet it cannot learn fly in the games, but Tropius, a freaking banana tree-dinosaur thing, can learn fly -.-a The list goes on and on. Game and story segregation much?
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Episode Related

Next episode, in Pokemon G-Men!


Lance doesn't have a cape fetish. No sir.


"It's not that I like you now or anything, but..."
"We cousins should spend sometime together that does not involve pokemon battle, right?" Lance completes her sentence. Clair nods, careful to not show that she's blushing.

A wild dragonair flys over their head.


Most trainers find Clair sort of kinky.

Gary Stu

Lance believes that he's prefect to the point of being nearly a Gary Stu. Green admits that's probably why he isn't arrested for hyperbeaming mooks yet. Being a Champion has its advantages.

Mary Sue

Clair also thinks that she's prefect to the point of being nearly a Mary Sue. Silver begs to differ. Ethan and Lyra as well.

AU (Alternate Universe)

Pokemon G-Men, unite and transform!

OFC (Original Female Character)

Fiona is a big fan of Lance.

OMC (Original Male Character)

Felix is not only a fan of Clair, he wants to cosplay her this summer.

RPS (Real Person Slash)

Morimoto has always known that he might end up in a doujinshi. What he didn't expect is that he's a harem king (which is not so bad) and that its members are nearly all males (the horror!).
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"'Gold and Silver save the world from a drunk Lugia and find love in the process...' Lyra, were you on crack when you wrote this story?"


Silver might be the son of a crime lord, but he is against crimes. Generally.

Even if he's commit one right now.

Morty is going to cry when he learns that the infinite eye technique he taught Silver is being used to watch Lyra undress.


The news claimed that Giovanni is dead. His body was found under a waterfall. It was ruled as suicide.

Ethan's frantic apologies are not going to help.


Turns out it was a fake body. The real Giovanni is still alive, somewhere, perhaps trying to become strong.

Taking over the world was only an unrealistic fantasy, wasn't it?

First Time

With Entei in hand, Silver has his first true legendary pokemon.


"Silver, have you realised that you're the only rival who doesn't tell jokes?" Ethan says as he watches Green jokingly flirt with Red.
"Yeah, do you have a sense of humour?" Lyra chimes in.

Silver answers by throwing his baby totodile Toto (name courtesy of Lyra) onto Gold's head.

"Look, it's a head-crocodile."

Lyra laughs so much it hurts. No matter how bad a joke is, someone will laugh at it, right?

Lyra nearly dies when the totodile is removed to reveal that Ethan's hair has been combed into a chatot hairstyle by Toto's tongue.


At first, being Silver's pokemon was horrible. The boy was verbally abusive, telling his pokemon almost daily that they are weak, that once he gets stronger pokemon he's going to abandon them without regret.

Yet Silver never abandoned a single pokemon.

During the first year he gradually softened. Sometimes he zigzagged back to his abusive ways, but eventually he zigzagged pass them and became caring again.

He even let them out for walks at the end of that year.

Little by little, his gentle side won the fight.

Today, he's easily one of the most caring trainer in Johto, if not the whole world.

On Sundays, he can be found volunteering at Ethan's daycare centre, making baby pokemons evolve out of love and joy.


Lyra, despite having a more or less poetic name, is not a poet. Every time she writes a story or poem the boys would either laugh, vomit or both at once. She'd cry and punch them in the stomach and let Ho-Oh heal them if they look too much in pain, but deep inside she's ok with all that, the quality of her writing or the boys' reactions.

Her life is a poem already.


"Ah... no... Silver... please, not there..."
"Come on... don't be shy, Ethan..."
"Ah! Please! St..stop!"

Lyra is a closet fujoshi. She learned to use Protect just to make sure that Silver won't be able to read her mind at the wrong time with his Alakazam or Gengar.

Her face betrays her smutty thoughts at times though. She gets pissed off when Silver's Gengar dream eats the fantasy... and ends up apologizing when the ghost pokemon is sick on the floor.


Silver is soul. Lyra is heart. Ethan is the echo between heart and soul. Kind of spiritual, isn't it?


"And the voice counted: one gastly, two gastlies, three gastlies... where is the fourth gastly?

"The boy thought it was strange. It was always three knocks at the window, so wasn't it always three gastly?

"The voice counted again: one gastly is here by the cypress tree, two gastly is here at the dried-up well, three gastly is by the window-side, fourth gastly...


The boys have to admit that although Lyra is horrible at writing poetic stories, her telling of ghost stories are amazing.

Time Travel

"Please, let's not get close to the shrine again, we are not ready for another time travel."


Sometimes, Ethan and Silver do pokemon battles the Western way: get a pokemon with an offensive move ready in a pokeball, keep the ball on the belt and the first one to pull out the pokeball and release the pokemon presumably wins.

Presumably, because someone tend to tell his pokemon to ready sucker punch.

UST (Unsolved Sexual Tension)

The boys might not be aware, but whenever they are together alone, tension that's more than bromantic rivalry build up. They usually resolve it by doing pokemon battles or skip the medium and punch each other directly, but the tension is never completely solved.

PWP (Plot? What Plot?)

Finally, Ethan snaps and frankly asks Silver if he's plotting something.

"Plot? What plot? What could I be plotting?"
"The fact that you're living with me right now looks more than an accident and definitely not a coincidence."
"My base being burned down and buried was an accident. Or at least I hope it was."
"But you did choose to live with me. Rather than with Lance or Lyra or just get a new base."
"Your house is the only one that's free."
"That's only because you're already volunteering at my daycare!"
"I like the daycare."
"Doesn't explain why you're sleeping in my bed with me in it!"
"Lyra's ghost stories?"
"You have a gengar for Arceus's sake!"
"... ..."
"So you're really not after something that I have? Or a service I can provide? You should just ask if that's the case. "

Silver ponders for a while.

"Your first kiss, have you had it already?"

Ethan is stopped short by a pair of lips closing on his own. Then it evolves into more than just a kiss. For the first time he understands what the tension between them was about, and enjoys the release.

Lyra smirks outside the house, equipped with high-end binoculars that allow her to see every visual detail. Two years of subtle hypnosis was worth it.
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Green remembers his childhood. And Red's childhood. It was full of adventure, of country-crossing travels.

Of crossing each other, immature bickerings and pokemon battles.


Red has left for Mt. Silver again. Alone.


A very gay looking man and a man in snakeskin shoes try to convince Red to turn back.

Future Fic

Five years later, Red returns to civilization.


To his horror, the Viridian Gym has been long abandoned. Haunted, the people say. Green is nowhere to be found. Not in his house, not at lab. And no longer in the gym with his ace trainers, waiting for challengers at the end of teleporters labyrinth.


The new eighth gym is now in Viridian Forest, a gym specialised in bug-type. Compared to its predecessor, it is but a parody of the former.

No longer Kanto has a badge that allows its holder to control all pokemons.


The rockets to the moon was completed years ago. For a small fee, people and their pokemon can now take a trip to the brighter side of the moon and meet clefairies. If Red has heard it sooner, he would have dismissed it as science fiction.


Red has travelled through Kanto. And Johto. But still no sight of Green.

For the second time of his life, Red feels forlorn.

OOC (out of character)

Then, Red discovers that, in a rather out of character way, Green has left him a note. On a pretty charizard and blastoise printed letter paper too, it seems, even if it is now mouldy and discoloured.


Oak sometimes wonders if he has raised his grandson wrong. Delia, on the other hand, never thought she has raised her son wrong, even if in the last eight years Red was the more problematic one.

Maybe they worried too much. Maybe Red and Green's upbringing was just fine. Because the last nine years were just a winter they struggled and maybe slept through, hidden from others, grew and budded silently under the metaphorical snow.

The young men who were once children hugged each other in the air, their charizard and pigeot holding them by the back of their shirt as they nod to each other, as pikachu and eevee dance on their trainer's head.

Once their feet are safely on solid ground, Green presents new friends to Red: a tall young woman in blue with same intensity of strength as Red, with dark grey eyes that seem to be blazing from inner fire, and a tomboyish petite young woman very at ease with pokemon.

Soon old friends rush in to see Red, including the red haired young man, his cute fiancee, the cheerful pokemon breeder with typhlosion and the owner of Burnt Tower Suicune. And all the old gym leaders, elite four, champions and trainers, professors and assistants, transfer and box technicians. Even some ex-Team Rockets. Red didn't know he has met so many people.

"Welcome back, Kanto Champion Red!"

Future fic (again)

Another year passes. Red has, at Green and Yellow's suggestion, settled down. Blue hopes she could have some adventure with her new best friend and not-blood-related twin brother, but when she realises another life is now growning inside her, she settles down as well.

"Did you know," she says to Red, in a casual but warm tone one would use to speak to one's beloved twin brother, "the whole five years I've spent with Green was like a honeymoon. I bet no one else had a honeymoon that long." After a pause a giggle, she adds "I kind of envy you, you who had known him all your life."

If only she knew how much of a douchebag Green used to be.

But then again, even if she knew, it'll be fine, and if she was Red and known Green since they were in diapers, she would have beat him straight with her pokemons around the first two years of Green's douchebag era, just like how Red did. Exactly like that.

Red waits in the living room, an eevee egg on his lap and pikachu on his shoulders. From the kitchen, the smell of food being prepared. Standing beside the stove is Green in a dark green apron, humming a song that Red has never heard of, yet finds familiar. Blue joins in the humming and the two airs merges... but something is still missing. Red listens, eyes closed, immersed in this feeling so foreign yet so much like home, and remembers.

A third humming, at first cold like the hail of mountaintops then gradually defrosts into a red hot ember, joins the melody.

Red will not leave for Mt. Silver alone ever again.
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Title: Loaded Totems
Fandom: Inception (2010 film)
Pairings: Cobb's spinning top/Arthur's loaded die, Arthur/Ariadne
Disclaimer: Cobb, Arthur and their totems are not mine, blablahblah.
Warning: Very weird.
Timeframe: After the movie.

"What's in this?" Ariadne asks. The 'this' a very small box that arrived by mail. She turns it over. It's from Cobb, to Arthur.
"Cobb's past." Arthur says as he takes out the item in the box. It's the spinning top Cobb used as his totem.
"He actually thinks about his former teammate more than I thought." Ariadne giggles. Arthur stops her with a kiss. He puts the spinning top in his pocket with his own totem, looks in the mirror to make sure he's looking neat and walks out of the door. He then locks the door and takes Ariadne's hand. It'll be a date at opera house.

The opera is fascinating for... opera lovers, but to the totems, it means nothing. They are just objects. However, if you believe, objects do dream. It's not a dream you can perform extraction or inception on. The only layer it has is the limbo.

In the dream of the totems, the spinning top is a woman. Or the equivalent of a woman. The first person who imprinted an image on it is, after all, Mrs. Cobb. She doesn't look or act exactly like Mal or her projection, thankfully. She looks like a combination of Mr. and Mrs. Cobb, with the handsomeness of both, worry of Dominic and detachment of Mallorie. She leans carelessly against the loaded die and relaxed.

The loaded die is, following the same logic, a man or the equivalent of. He looks mostly like Arthur, but also looks a little bit like Eames and a tiny bit like Cobb. And a micro bit like Ariadne. He seems to be not very happy that the totem leaning against him is not Ariadne's modified chess piece.

"Come on," the spinning top says to the die, "sit up straighter. You're a very bad pillow."

"I don't think there's a 'straight' to me. Unlike you, my sides all measure the same. You can say that I'm always sitting straight." The die answers.

"Then let's dance." The top suggests, starting to spin.

"I'm not very good at spinning, I'm a loaded die, cubic and uneven in weight distribution." The die says as he tries to stand up and spin. It's hard.

"Here, hold on my hand."

"I'll make you fall."

"You won't. This is a dream. I won't fall. Ever."

Two totems dances on the seashore of Limbo. The waves cheers for them as they spin, and spin, and spin for-ever.


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