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Sadly, you have to buy it to read it full.

The preview is here:

700 Yen for this chapter of 60 pages. 500 Yen for each of the previous chapters, minus the pilot that is not available. I wonder how expensive it'll become on Internet auctions?

王者の祭典 is the keyword to use on pixiv if you want to search for the series. This artist's works are awesome. His artist ID on pixiv is 411252 if you want to see all his works.
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Fes of Kings won't update this year T________T

We do get two intermission/chapter prologues to chapter two though. In sketches. The first one is Akira crying with his sandslash and leaving. The second one is Blue, Red and Misty chatting.

(Again, the author is here

He (I think it's a he?) is really professional. I wonder if he has original works? I think he's good enough to run a serialization in Shounen Jump or something. Dragon Knight is probably good too? Is Dragon Knight still alive? Anyway, I'd love to see his original work. The style, the ambience etc. are all excellent.


Jan. 5th, 2012 09:49 pm
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I can't believe that I didn't know it got moved to a proper comic hosting place in these years. When I first read it on DA it was only one and half chapter long and super difficult to navigate, but now, it's here:

Go read it. It's awesome.

(It's a buddy cop show starring the Gurren Lagann characters. Yes, this is a fan comic.)


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