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..can someone tell me if I'm not the only one hearing Touhou music in it? They do have a repeating sentence in common, right?


So there is a form of sheet music art now?

(Oh, and apparently many so called Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz on YouTube are actually really a re-remix of Flandre's theme.)
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Ok, what do I do with the cracks in it? Should I melt it down first to remove them? But then I might get bubbles.
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I just found out that once an alcohol based marker goes over a pencil line, it's not erasable anymore. Why didn't anyone tell me that before (or maybe someone like lunatique did but I forgot).
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That's it. No more intensive linocut + printing in winter. If I want to make them, I better do them in the summer. The printing is horribly long. When I just started it seemed that carving was the long part and printing was the short part, but now it's the other way around.

Now the important parts. Printing with the specialised block printing ink is still the best. Trying with acrylic works, but it's hard. Why? Normal (used in this experiement: Pebeo high viscosity acrylics, no medium used) acrylics dry up way too fast for the same thickness of ink, which means it could be dry before I manage to apply the inked block to paper. It's also slightly harder to wash off than block printing ink, but not significantly.

Also, I suck at using x-acto knife for some reason. I can't cut the paper straight even after folding them. Maybe my hand-eye coordination is gay (sorry, worst joke ever). Really, I can cut according to a curve line relatively fine, but I can't cut straight, not even with a ruler (I'll just end up cutting the ruler).


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