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Warning: cutting humans and bunch other problems
Characters: pretty much the entire cast eventually, including Zwei.

It is known that mages belong to the Queen, as per Laws and Tradition. But the Laws have loopholes. Mages, indeed, must belong to the Queen. Things, however, may belong to the king.

If mages become things, then the King can claim as many as he wants, as many as he likes.

Mages are mages as long as they are human. A criminal mage is still a mage. Even a dead mage is still a mage. The loophole is difficult to abuse, if you insist on getting one whole and nice. The trick, here, is fragmentation.

A stolen lock of hair from a mage is not a mage, it is a memento. A clipped nail from a mage is a piece of nail, not a mage. And so on. A piece is not the whole being, and therefore not bound by the same laws as the full being, freed from its droits et devoirs. The laws cannot protect them no long, and their duties need not to be fulfilled.

The young Lightsphere is a pretty thing in King Tenial's eyes, and the king only wishes this naive boy is a mage. He'd keep the boy's warm red hair in a lock around the fingers like an engagement ring.

But if January Lightsphere becomes fragments and pieces, then Tenial would never to able to taste his cooking. Not that it's ever made for him, of course. It was always for this handsome servant of Krohiten, named Daughter despite being a model manly man, with hair of bright gold so gorgeous, the Queen looks like a homely valley girl next to him. No wonder January is so in love. Tall blond beauties look so charming.

Tenial isn't in a hurry. He can wait. Perhaps, one day, January will leave Daughter and come to him. Perhaps, one day, January will come to him because of Daughter. For Daughter. Because this man named Daughter has murder in his eyes, and soon he'll kill somebody, be arrested, and then Daughter will belong to Tenial. And that will be when January will come to him, to get Daughter to safety in exchange of his own life.

And then, Tenial might even get a mage in one piece at least, even if he will have to cut him apart to use him.

So many mages. So beautiful, each and every of them. Little doves that circle around the Queen. Cut them apart and they belong to the King.

One day, Tenial will be sleeping with arms and legs of dead pretty boy mages in lieu of the queen.
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