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Still watching, not done yet.

Genius Party and Genius Party Beyond are two anthologies of animation by Studio 4°C. The styles of art is very far from the mainstream Japanese animation and may look like Belgium animation or other. And it does look like Belgium/French/Canadian art animation in term of psychedelism, too. Very, very surreal and saturated with dream logic. Very fluid, high quality animation too. And nigh incomprehensible.

The opening animation is Genius Party, which tells the story of an artificially bird-like creature running through a field filled with spherical stone creatures with face and a cross on top of the head where a heart may come out. A stone sphere is in love with a electric blue glowing neuron and showing a heart, which the bird plucks out and eat, gaining wings to fly before eating the now floating glowing neuron too, turning the bird into a shooting star. The stone creatures all show heart at the shooting star, except the stone who got its heart plucked, who tried to show another pink heart by can only give out stone hearts that turn into more stone creatures. One stone creature grows a heart so big it starts to cry stone tears from its eye holes and the heart flies away, which it chases and swallows back in, and gel-like blue plasma comes out from its eye holes and grows into a huge bird-like being, and all other stone creatures show hearts as if in applaud, and the bird-like being electrifies all the hearts and the camera zooms out to show a brain. And the brain turns out to be a film projector.

The last animation from Beyond is Dimension Bomb, but I failed to find the bomb anywhere. There was a concept art where the boy was holding something in a cylinder that was probably the bomb in question, but it did not show up in the animation. I have know idea what the plot is or what happened. Some say that it's about a boy who got rejected by the girl he loves and the entire movie is an allegory of his feelings and memories, which kind of makes sense, but I don't know, it also looks more complicated than that. If anything, the movie did bomb the audience's mind into oblivion.
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